UFC 140 Results: Where Lyoto Machida Went Wrong

G DAnalyst IIIDecember 11, 2011

As Lyoto Machida entered the Octagon at UFC 140 in Toronto, Canada fans in attendance and viewers across the globe had no idea what was about to unfold.

Machida was the clear cut underdog heading into the main event of the evening as Jones had yet to be exposed in his early career.

However, Jones received a taste of his own dominance as Machida looked to be making a statement early and often.

Jones was pushed back as Machida was leading a charge the current champion had never seen before.

Machida landed a right followed by a left as the Canadian crowd rose to their feet.

"Bones" would respond with a big right hook but it appeared to play a minimal effect on the unstoppable Machida.

The first round came to a close as Machida clearly held the advantage as the championship bout advanced into Round 2.

But, the tides would turn for the worse for Machida as the Jones every fan expected to see arrived to the fight.

Jones survived an early attack by Machida and eventually took his opponent to the ground.

Seconds later, blood began gushing from Machida's forehead by way of a vicious elbow that would stop the fight for doctor's approval.


The fight would pick back up but Machida went wrong when he appeared to have lost his edge.

The once aggressive Machida suddenly seemed content with how the bout was progressing.

The only problem, the steamroller attack of Jones was quickly gaining speed.

Machida appeared to have no response as he failed to demonstrate a ground attack, which ultimately  robbed him of his confidence.

After an extremely tight standing guillotine choke, Machida would be sent unconscious as the fight was stopped.

As Jones changed the tempo of the fight, Machida began to fold as he wasn't able to stuff a Jones' take down.

The takedown, which changed the entire momentum of the fight, eventually led to a cut that would factor into Machida's defeat.

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