UFC 140 Results: Tito Ortiz Needs To Retire Right Now

G DAnalyst IIIDecember 11, 2011

Leading up to UFC 140, there was speculation that Tito Ortiz was in the process of planning his own retirement.

Ortiz stated he wanted one more fight following his bout with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in Toronto, Canada.

However, this should no longer be in the realm of possibilities with the performance Ortiz displayed in a one sided affair, which allowed Nogueira to capture his first win since UFC 114.

Ortiz was rocked early as "Little Nog" used his powerful right hand and followed it up with lefts.

After a knee to the midsection, Ortiz fell to the ground as Nogueira pounced on him like a lion on raw meat.

But, Ortiz went into survival mode as Nogueira couldn't seem to finish him.

Nogueira avoided his elbows and strikes to the head of Ortiz and began to unload on body shots that led him to victory at just 3:15 into Round 1.

Ortiz presented the world with the facts that he is no longer the fight he once was.

Not only is Ortiz way past his heyday, but he's living off the fighter he once was.

In reality, any other fighter in Ortiz's current situation would have been released by the UFC long before UFC 140.

But it's not only Ortiz's recent defeats, but his performance throughout them.

However, even with his recent track record and ruined reputation, Ortiz still believes he has one fight left in him.

Unfortunately for the 'Huntington Beach Bad Boy', he's sadly mistaken.

Tito Ortiz needs to retire right now.

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