UFC 140 Results: Jon Jones Overcomes Adversity for the First Time

Adam OsterkampContributor IIIDecember 11, 2011

UFC 140 featured so many great fights that it’s hard to pick one over another, but Jon Jones vs. Machida received the official moniker from Dana White and the UFC, and what a fight it was.

What more can really be said about Jones that hasn’t already been said? He is a remarkable athlete with an amazing talent and still in the very beginning of his career.

Unfortunately for Jones, with great success comes much scrutiny. Despite it all, however, on Saturday night, Jones proved himself once again to be one of the best fighters in all of MMA.

Jones' performance against Machida was not only impressive, but it showed us all that he can, in fact, be hurt.

A big shot from Machida rocked Jones in the first round and, collectively, MMA fans around the globe held their breath. 

For many of us it was the first time we saw that Jones has a vulnerable human side to him.

As the first round ended and Jones went to his corner, he looked a bit concerned, perhaps a bit shocked, at how close Machida had come to taking him out.

But as the second round started, Jones quickly showed everyone that he wasn’t afraid to continue being the aggressor.

Not only was it a wonderful performance from Jones, but to give Machida the credit he deserves, "The Dragon" looked great as well.  

Let's not kid ourselves either, as it was great to see Jones rocked, even if it was only momentarily.

Surely the one punch that Machida was able to land is going to continue to be fodder in the war against Jones’ good standing in MMA.

But on the flip side, Jones undoubtedly put to rest much of the MMA communities' concern about his ability with his win over Machida.

It seems that the sky is the limit for Jones as he continues to improve himself as a fighter, and as a man, each time we see him fight. 


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