King Khan Falls: Peterson Edges Out Amir Khan in Thriller at D.C

Henry Martin@KFZ001Senior Analyst IDecember 11, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 10:  Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson exchange punches during their WBA Super Lightweight and IBF Junior Welterweight title fight at Washington Convention Center on December 10, 2011 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

As the final bell rang, both men raised their hands in victory as they had just finished their epic battle in the ring with one another. Amir Khan had put his belts on the line against his most formidable opponent this year, Lamont Peterson.

Anybody could tell that this fight was close and could have gone either way in the end. Amir started the fight with his blazing speed, bedazzling the crowd and Peterson in the ring with a questionable knockdown. It looked as if Khan would finish the fight early as he never gave Peterson a chance and looked incredible in the opening rounds.

This wouldn't stop Peterson, though, who never gives up in the ring and inevitably made his comeback. Just like he made his way back from two knockdowns against Ortiz, he slowly made his way back into the fight by working the body and suffocating Amir with his pressure. 

Peterson would sneak in the occasional hook through Khan's guard as well as an uppercut while he had Khan against the ropes. Khan may have made notions that he wasn't feeling the punches by raising his hands and saying bring it, but 90 percent of the time a fighter does that, it means they are.

Peterson caught a break in the middle of the fight when Khan had a point deducted for excessive pushing. Do I think this was warranted? I do in the way that he warned Khan numerous times before the point deduction to stop, but he still continued pushing. I'm not a fan of the pushing deduction and don't think it should have been for pushing, but the excessive headlocks and pushing Lamont's head down should have been more than enough. 

The fight would continue on with Peterson charging and applying pressure on Khan, not allowing him to catch his breath or have room to think. If Khan ran to the other side of the ring, Peterson would chase after him in mere seconds. Khan did have his moments though where he used this flurries of combination to stop Peterson and wow the crowd, but most of the time they were blocked by Peterson, who'd continue with his body shots. 

The body shots were clearly effective as Khan was tiring through the whole fight and slowing down, but Peterson kept the tempo up and kept coming forward. Khan wouldn't let up to and threw punches every time Peterson came and tried to move away.

With the fight close enough already and the final round coming in, the fight was still in the air. It could have gone to either man at this point and this was the last round for each man to make their case on why they should win.

Both men were relentless, but controversy struck again as Khan was deducted a point for excessive pushing again. Allow me to reiterate though to the people complaining about the ref. Khan was warned numerous times to stop, so it wasn't like the deduction was out of the blue. Also, after the break was called by the ref, I noticed Khan had a late hit in which could have also gotten him in hot water.

At the end of the day though, Peterson was able to pull out a split decision which I think was a good decision. I had the fight very close and would see no problem with the fight being a draw or a split decision going either way. 

Yes, Khan looked impressive with his speed and flurries, but at times he would move aimlessly around the ring throwing a flurry here or there that was blocked by Peterson. 

Peterson though would get get hit every time when he tried to make the fight inside, which was clearly visible on his face after the fight.

As I finish writing his article, I would like to say this to the people claiming this fight was a robbery. This fight isn't a robbery on the levels of other fights this year if it even is one. The ref warned Khan numerous times about what he was doing. To the people who cried about unfair judges, the two in favor of Peterson had him winning by one with the 2 points deducted.

Congratulations to Lamont Peterson on finally becoming a world champion. Is there any argument who the king of 140 is now? Maybe now we can see Khan vs. Tim Bradley