4 Fights That Ended in Unexpected Fashion at UFC 140

The Last Ronin@@lastroninhannahContributor IDecember 11, 2011

4 Fights That Ended in Unexpected Fashion at UFC 140

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    UFC 140 was definitely one of the best cards that we have seen in a while. Only three fights went to the decision, the Korean Zombie had a seven-second knockout, Tito Ortiz was TKO'd, Frank Mir ripped off Big Nog's arm and Jon "Bones" Jones defended his belt by submitting Machida with a nasty choke. 

    As a fan, you really can't ask for much more.

    This card had a lot of action, but there were four fights that ended very unexpectedly. I think that you will agree with me that no one saw how things were going to go down at UFC 140. 

4. Jake Hecht TKO's Rich Attonito

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    Jake Hecht wasn't originally on the card for UFC 140, but when Rory MacDonald got injured and Claude Patrick was moved to the main card to replace him, Hecht got the call to step in and fight Rich Attonito.

    In the first round of the fight, Hecht came out throwing strikes, but Attonito stuffed his charge and wound up taking Hecht down mid-round and worked from the top until the bell rang.

    Toward the beginning of the second round, Attonito shot for the takedown and left his head in the wrong spot long enough for Hecht to drop him to the ground with elbow strikes. Jake Hecht jumped on top of Attonito and finished him off via TKO at 1:10 into the round.

3. Korean Zombie Knocks out Mark Hominick in 7 Seconds

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    The "Korean Zombie," Chan Sung Jung, completely surprised everyone at UFC 140 when he tied the record for the fastest knockout. He finished off Mark Hominick in only seven seconds; nobody saw that coming.

    Hominick was touted as having some of the best boxing in the UFC and most believed that he would finish off the Korean Zombie via TKO.

    Mark Hominick came out swinging wildly and when he missed, the Korean Zombie went in for the kill with a straight shot. Hominick was knocked to the ground and the Zombie finished him off. 

2. Little Nog Beats Tito Ortiz Via TKO

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    Antônio Rogério Nogueira did everyone a favor when he beat Tito Ortiz at UFC 140. He silenced "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" or "People's Champion" or whatever he's going by these days with a vicious TKO in the first round.

    Little Nog, who was clearly the underdog, came out swinging and caught Tito with a shot that dropped him to the ground. Little Nog quickly jumped on top and unleashed some vicious elbows to the body of Ortiz, which ended the fight.

#1: Frank Mir Submits Big Nog Via Kimura

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    The last thing that fans expected to see tonight was Frank Mir submitting Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira by kimura. Despite the fact that Mir wasn't the underdog coming into this fight, he pulled off the unexpected win and was the first man ever to submit Big Nog (also first to knock him out). 

    Nogueira came out strong, hit Mir with some big shots and at one point it appeared that Mir was knocked out. However, the ref did not stop the fight. Mir hung in there and was immediately put into a submission, but somehow survived and reversed positions, putting Big Nog in a kimura. The two rolled over several times and Mir finished Nogueira off.

    The submission was so vicious that it injured Big Nog's shoulder and he had to go to the hospital after the fight.