Philadelphia Eagles: Why Playing Michael Vick over Final Few Games Is a Mistake

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles: Why Playing Michael Vick over Final Few Games Is a Mistake

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    The reasoning seems clear for why one would want Vick to start for the Eagles over their final few games. At 5-8, the Eagles have had a humiliating season, and Vick gives them the best chance to reach .500 and avoid a losing season, as well as give them even a fraction of hope for making the postseason.

    But for all the potential positives that playing Vick could bring to the table, playing him is a mistake. The downside of having Vick on the field outweighs almost every other positive that could occur by playing him.

    Here are a few reasons why...

1. Vick Is Injury-Prone

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    Yes, I understand the argument for playing Vick on account of dignity. I really do. It matters to fans and players alike to end with as good of a record as possible.

    But is that pursuit of dignity really worth another serious injury to the team's starting quarterback?

    Imagine if Vick were to hurt himself again. What if it was a serious injury, such as an ACL tear, that would not only cause Vick to miss games this season, but likely much of the 2012 season as well?

    What if (God forbid) Vick were to suffer an injury that would permanently affect his ability to throw? Or to scramble?

    The season is lost. Too many factors must go right now for the Eagles to make the postseason. With that in mind, there really is no difference between a 4-12 record and an 8-8 record if it means no trip to the playoffs.

    Wins no longer matter practically now. But a serious injury to the franchise quarterback would matter for many years.

2. Postseason Is out of Reach

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    Yes, at 5-8, the Eagles still have a sliver of hope... If the Eagles win out, AND the Cowboys lose to the Giants again and to the Eagles, AND the Giants lose to the Jets and the Redskins. OR if the Cowboys split the series with the Giants and lose to the Eagles and the Buccaneers AND the Giants lose to the Jets. OR if the Lions go 0-3 and the Bears...

    As you can see, too many things have to go right for this Eagles team to make the postseason. Perhaps most challenging of all is for an Eagles team that has no heart, no leadership and has never once showed any consistency to somehow end 3-0.

    Face it, Eagles fans. The Eagles are not making the playoffs this year.

    That alone, is a good argument for not playing Vick, or perhaps other valuable starters, and to risk injury.

3. Eagles Should Give Mike Kafka Some Playing Time

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    As the playoffs are likely out of reach, what may be interesting is to explore the potential of the depth in this roster.

    Most notably the quarterback position.

    It may be safe to say that the Vince Young experiment was a bit of a failure, as Young did not exactly show himself to be the resurgent veteran that Garcia was in 2006.

    But it may be a good opportunity to give Kafka some playing time now.

    The kid hasn't had much of a chance, and he has shown some instances of the maturity and poise expected of an NFL quarterback.

    Who knows? If he plays well for a few games, maybe he can turn into valuable trade bait.

    Or affect the Eagles' decision of whether they need to draft a quarterback this spring.

4. The More Rest for Vick the Better

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    Even though it is speculated the Eagles would not be playing Vick unless he was 100 percent healthy, rib injuries are nasty and can linger for quite some time.

    So 100 percent may not really mean 100 percent. It may just mean that the pain is for the most part, tolerable.

    Therefore, Vick may not even be playing to his maximum potential.

    It is clear that the poor play of the offensive line this season has produced many hits on Vick, and that these hits have affected his play. Why add more hits to his already black and blue body?

    Give Vick the rest of the season off to rest. Then a full training camp to further improve his quarterback play, most importantly limiting his turnovers.

    No need to add more misery to a quarterback already having a miserable season.