UFC 140 Results: Brian Ebersole vs. Claude Patrick Breakdown and Prediction

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2011

Claude Patrick gets home-field advantage tonight fighting in his native Canada, and he's facing a very tough and game Brian Ebersole.

Patrick is on a three-fight win streak in the UFC and hasn't lost a fight since his second career bout. Ebersole is perhaps his toughest opposition thus far.

Both fighters have great grappling skills with Patrick being the "chokeout master." On the ground I would have to say they're just about even, but if I was forced to I'd have to give the edge to Ebersole who is a former Division I wrestler.

Striking wise Ebersole has some unorthodox and out of nowhere striking. If Ebersole gets a chance to throw a cartwheel kick—he'll throw it. Out of Ebersole's 48 wins, 20 have come by submission and 14 by knockout.

In his last fight against Hallman, Ebersole displayed some nice striking and eventually was able to get Hallman's speedo off screen with a quick TKO.

Patrick on the other hand has some solid Muay Thai and although he may have that solid background, Ebersole gets the edge in striking.

Ebersole has fought a lot and his 64 fight experience gives him an advantage in the experience department. No matter what Patrick brings in this fight, Ebersole has probably seen it once before in his 11-year career.

I'm going to go with "The Hairrow" in this one.

Ebersole by unanimous decision

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