UFC 140: Light Heavyweight Belt Will Find Long-Term Home with Jon Jones

Kyle Vassalo@VassaloBRFeatured ColumnistDecember 10, 2011

Photo courtesy CageToday.com
Photo courtesy CageToday.com

The light heavyweight belt has bounced around so rapidly that it's hard to keep track of who the owner is. Jon Jones will prove in UFC 140 that he's not just another interim holder of the belt.

He's got what it takes to hang on to the belt long-term. Rampage Jackson, Forrest Griffin, Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua each maintained a short-lived possession of the belt.

This is a weight class jam-packed with talent. The movement of the belt has far more than the ridiculous talent in the division, rather than the fighter in possession of the belt having shortcomings.

Jones is the fighter who will finally separate himself from the pack.

He's only 24, and it's safe to say we haven't even begun to see what he's capable of. He's an exciting fighter to watch, has proven he's got raw knockout power and took down Shogun by showcasing his superior ground game.

For a time, it looked like Machida was going to be the fighter who held onto the belt for a significant amount of time, but while he's a ferocious competitor, he's simply outclassed in UFC 140.

Jones is the scariest fighter in the division right now and his shockingly young age makes it inevitable that his reign of terror in the UFC is just beginning.

We've seen talented fighters pass the belt around time and time again, but it looks like the well-traveled belt has finally found a home.