Seattle Mariners Make "Big" Splash in Reaction to Angels' Free Agent Signings

Jon O'ConnorCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2011

Catcher Guillermo Quiroz
Catcher Guillermo Quiroz

In Seattle, the fans have been waiting to see if and when the Seattle Mariners would make some moves in response of the division-rival Angels' signing of Albert Pujols. 

Well, Seattle, the Mariners did sign two players—to minor league deals, with invites to spring training!

Guillermo Quiroz, a catcher, and Scott Patterson, a relief pitcher, will be in Arizona this spring, and in all likelihood, they will start the season in the minor leagues. Have you heard of these guys? Perhaps you've heard of Patterson, as he's been in the minor leagues with the Mariners; and apparently Quiroz was a part of the system in 2006 and then again in 2009-10. 

Sorry to get your hopes up, Seattle, but this is an example of what Mariners fans are used to: signing 30-year-old players to minor league deals in hopes that somehow they will explode on the scene in Seattle and do the unthinkable.

Living in this area, every offseason I try to be the "glass half full" guy who believes the M's may figure things out and make an acquisition that may impact the club right away to help them win. Or, if nothing else, sign a guy who shows their city and the fans that they're trying to be relevant with the rest of the division.

Reality, though, is much different than what the fans are hoping. Seattle looks as though they are going to stay on the same course they have been on since that magical 2001 season, hoping for young talent to emerge on the big stage—sometime!

I feel sorry for the fan base in Seattle, one of the greatest in Major League Baseball. When Seattle is playing well, they will draw nearly 3.5 million fans to Safeco field and have one of the highest household television ratings in baseball. All of this has been going to waste over the last few years, and it doesn't look to be getting better any time soon. 

Most of all, I feel bad for Jack Zduriencik, the general manager. I know he's trying to do something big for the club, but ownership simply will not allow the money to be spent. Get ready to sit back for a long season again in 2012 Seattle!