IMPACT Wrestling: Final Resolution Full Card and Predictions

Charlie GSenior Writer IDecember 10, 2011

IMPACT Wrestling: Final Resolution Full Card and Predictions

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    IMPACT Wrestling's Final Resolution will air live on pay-per-view this Sunday, Dec. 11, from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

    There are eight matches scheduled for the event. Five of those eight matches will be championship matches.

    Here are my predictions for matches involving wrestlers such as Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, James Storm, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, The Pope, Austin Aries, Gail Kim and more. 

TV Title: Eric Young vs. (c) Robbie E

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    Former Champion Eric Young is now getting his rematch for the title he lost to Robbie E last month at Turning Point.

    Eric Young has beaten Robbie on the Thanksgiving edition of IMPACT and forced Rob Terry to wear the classic, TNA turkey suit.

    Robbie E has been on IMPACT almost every week since becoming champion and has two successful title defenses against Devon and former World Champion, RVD.

    These two worked a good opening match at Turning Point and can do it again at Final Resolution.

    With Rob Terry in his corner and past wins over guys like Devon and RVD, I think Robbie will retain the title on pay-per-view.

    Winner: Still Champion, Robbie E

X Division Title: Kid Kash vs. (c) Austin Aries

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    Austin Aries said on IMPACT that there's nobody worthy of challenging him for the X Division title. I can see why, too.

    Kid Kash stepped up and proposed a match which leads up to here.

    This match has had very little hype but both guys are great in-ring veterans and definitely know how to work a match.

    There's no doubt in my mind that Austin Aries will retain. Kash is just another victim to "A Double."

    Winner: Still Champion, Austin Aries

Tag Team Titles: Pope and Devon vs. (c) Crimson and Matt Morgan

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    This match is interesting.

    Pope is willing to do whatever it takes to win but then there's Morgan and Crimson. Those two are being made into the biggest tag team in TNA right now.

    Pope recently invited Devon's kids in on a beat down on "The Blueprint" and what'll make Final Resolution any different? Devon's kids could get involved, maybe not.

    Morgan and Crimson only just won the titles and, with their build, aren't looking to lose them anytime soon.

    Winners: Still Champions, Matt Morgan and Crimson

    Factor in Crimson's undefeated streak and Devon's kids and I think we've got a winner. Devon's kids constantly distract him in matches, though, I wouldn't be too surprised if, by some miracle, they help Pope and Devon win the gold.

    It could go either way, but Crimson and Morgan have the better odds of winning, in my opinion.

Knockouts Title: Mickie James vs. (c) Gail Kim

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    With Mickie's recent re-push, she's also developed some "Super Human" abilities. Mainly the ability to pull a win from thin air.

    Mickie was dominated in the Knockouts Gauntlet match and even in her match against Madison Rayne. Still, she had a big come back win.

    Mickie and Gail can definitely deliver one of the best Knockout matches of the year but with Karen Jarrett and Madison Rayne in Gail's corner, there's a good chance it won't end clean.

    Like everyone of her matches since returning, Karen and/or Madison will show up to get a big assist in her defense.

    Winner: Still Champion, Gail Kim

    The assist from Karen or Madison will keep Gail champion and won't really diminish Mickie's recent superpowers. Though, I can imagine Mickie winning. She did win the title twice in her first year in TNA, sadly.

Daniels vs. RVD

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    Daniels is great right now. RVD is irrelevant.

    This same match went down last month but the wrong guy won. RVD picked up a win over Daniels.

    Hopefully this match is being used to right their wrong. 

    With RVD recently losing to Robbie E (and kind of putting him over), I'm hoping for RVD to let Daniels go over him in this match.

    No offense to my dude, but if RVD can't beat Robbie E (Sorry, bro) there's no way he can beat Daniels.

    Winner: Daniels

    If RVD wins, there's still nothing for him to do. Another pay-per-view loss for Daniels will be painful to watch and certainly won't do him any favors.

    C'mon, TNA let Daniels get a win on pay-per-view.

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

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    This is another tough match to decide on.

    Storm is wrestling with a concussion and this feud can continue into 2012 and be something awesome.

    I don't think this match will end nicely. Either Angle wins by dirty tactics, a double count out or a disqualification.

    I'm leaning more towards Angle winning via dirty tactics but, then again, the chances of a disqualification victory for Storm is good too.

    Winner: Kurt Angle (By cheating, of course) or Double Count out

Cage Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy

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    Jarrett wins, Hardy leaves IMPACT.

    Hardy wins, he gets a World title shot at Genesis.

    This is easy. This is the only match I'm 100 percent sure about. Here's why Jeff Hardy will win:

    1. Karen Jarrett is handcuffed to Sting the entire time
    2. Sting is ringside
    3. Hardy's job is on the line. Anyone honestly think he's going to lose?
    4. Hogan is high on Hardy

    Jarrett screwing Hardy out of this match and his job would be a fun twist, but TNA wants to get straight to the point: Give Hardy the title.

    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    This is the one match where I would be happy if I were wrong.

30 Mintue Iron-Man Match: AJ Styles vs. (c) Bobby Roode

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    This match should be awesome.

    Their match at Turning Point was good and AJ wrestled with an injury. Now, fully healed, this could surpass their previous match.

    Did I forget to mention the 30 Minute Iron-Man stipulation? OMG!

    This match definitely has match of the night - match of the year potential!

    Roode is a great heel and with my previous prediction of Hardy winning, I see Roode coming out of this championship intact. Sorry, AJ.

    Winner: Still Champion, Bobby Roode

    Roode is on top of his game and deserves to be champion for a long time coming. With Hardy next in line, I'm once again worried where AJ will go. 

The End

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    I think this is the single hardest pay-per-view of the year to predict. Most of these matches can go either way.

    I'm definitely ordering the event because it looks awesome on paper. Matches I look forward to the most:

    1. 30 Minute Iron Man: Roode vs. AJ
    2. Steel cage: Hardy vs. Jarrett
    3. Angle vs. Storm

    Feel free to leave your predictions and/or make fun of mine. I'm fine with that. Point out how I'm heel-heavy in my predictions for this pay-per-view. I found this pay-per-view pretty hard to predict!

    Thanks for reading