Eric Mangini Conspiracy

Gary WolffContributor IIDecember 28, 2008

As the story goes, at least to the world outside the inner circle of the Belichick bloodlines, Mangini betrayed, or at least defied Belichick by abandoning the Patriots for the bitter rival New York Jets.

He, like a defiant son coming of age, left home on bitter terms, discarding the expected loyalty, arrogantly turning his back on his mentoring before it was complete, and taking the playbook and some personnel with him.

Mangini, young, confident, and now legitimized by the New York Jets ownership, took on the task of destroying his mentor.  Apparently, although just like Belichick in many ways, Mangini didn't like the authority held over him by Belichick, and left home to make a name for himself.

His hypocritical stab in the back exposing the meaningless and soon to be blown way out of proportion Spygate happenings, was a notch on his belt for sure.  It was a very satisfying blow to his despised mentor, especially since he was unable to one-up him at his craft.

Mangini must be feeling very happy and proud now.  He has managed to put a season ending knock out punch to the chin of Belichick. 

Great job Eric.  You have proven yourself an admirable man, making everyone so proud.

Good luck finding another job and more friends.  Maybe you can shine Bill's shoes for him...Oh, I guess that won't work as his footwear doesn't need a shine. 

Perhaps Barney Frank will give you a bail out.  He's another accomplished New Yorker.