I Was Wrong About Favre

Gary WolffContributor IIDecember 28, 2008

The other day I wrote an article titled 'Emperor Favre is Naked'.  The premise of that article was that Favre is overrated and not a hall of fame caliber player, but because he has played so long, he has Hall of Fame stats.

Well, as many people pointed out, I was wrong!!  Favre is a Hall of Fame quarterback.  His statistics prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, and he certainly will be a first ballot entry into Canton.

So farewell Brett.  You are a likable, fun guy who can sling the football like few others. 

As a Patriots fan, I am just glad you were a Packer and not a Patriot.  Although I cannot deny your numbers, I can and will always say that you have that intangible quality that keeps you from being considered one of the greatest, but apparently this amateur writer just cannot seem to define what that quality is. 

Your gritty, bi-polar performance today in a must-win game against the Dolphins is a microcosm of your career from this biased fan, and I am grateful I only had to suffer the manic nature of your football persona the three times it affected my team.  All three were a big letdown for New Englanders (2002 game against the Jets that decided the AFC East, the 2008 game as a Jet against Miami that decided the AFC East, and of course the crowning achievement of your career, the Superbowl triumph against the Patriots).

Enjoy your retirement.  I bid a fond farewell to you and to the soap opera that follows you.