Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers: Week 17

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IDecember 28, 2008

Welcome my friends to the 17th and final (or is it?) edition of Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers. You all know the score, you all know what's at stake.

Tonight, I crown the winner of the Master Vs. Student Trophy.

You know how I do things, let's get moving.

Week 17

Green Bay Packers   31
Detroit Lions           21

Aaron Rodgers: 21-31, 308yds, 3 TD's

The Good—Was Rodgers hot, or was he hot? 21 of 31 says it all. Truth is, five or six of those incomplete passes were dropped passes.

Three touchdown passes and 300 yards passing are quickly becoming a habit for Rodgers in his young career.

He finally sealed a game in the fourth quarter by leading the Packers to two fourth quarter touchdowns.

The Bad—Am I supposed to write something here?

Oh yeah, he played the worst team in NFL history.

New York Jets    17
Miami Dolphins   24

Brett Favre: 20-40, 233yds, 1 TD, 3 INT's

The Good—I will never doubt Favre's arm strength again. He still has the heat. He tore apart the Dolphins, for the most part, and made some really good throws. On his 20 incomplete passes, he was throwing into tight coverage.

Favre started his 269th consecutive regular season game. Second in the history of the NFL.

The Bad—Three picks. Three.

I still stare at the number in depression. All three were his fault. He tossed two right to the Dolphins. The third one was simply a bad choice in a game winning situation.

Favre overthrew Laverneerus Coles on the Jets' first possession. It would have been a touchdown.

The Pick

So I knew I had a very tough choice ahead. In fact, I had not made up my mind until minutes before the Jets' loss.

As Brett Favre was driving the Jets to another one of his fabled fourth quarter comebacks. I thought to myself, if Favre wins this game. I will give him the win. He is playing a playoff caliber team (compared to Rodgers playing the freaking Lions) and has good looking stats.

Then, the interception that broke many hearts. Favre missed Chansi Stuckey and I made up my mind.

Aaron Rodgers wins this week with superior stats and a superior performance.

That means that Aaron Rodgers is the winner of the Master Vs. Student Trophy.

Please click here to see a picture of the heralded trophy.

*For those of you wondering that "C" does not stand for champion. It stands for crunk. Because we all know crunk is forever....*

Final Thoughts

I don't want to think it, but I may have seen Brett Favre for the last time. I didn't think this after the Packers lost in the NFC Championship game last year because I was so convinced he would come back.

This year is different. As I was watching that game, it was slowly sinking in.

Honestly, I am not ready for a Favre-less season. Even though he was wearing a different jersey, I was happy and loved watching every minute of Favre play.

I want more of it and I can never get enough of it.

As for Rodgers, I am confident in his ability to lead the Packers in the future. He makes good decisions and his accuracy is unbelievable.

Rodgers will make the playoffs in 2009! Along with Favre's Jets!

For those of you crying inside because of a possible end to an era. Let me console you.

This will NOT be the final Favre Vs. Rodgers article of the season!

I will write a "season end" edition before the playoffs start!