UFC 140: How Brian Ebersole Will Plow Through Claude Patrick

Dale De SouzaAnalyst IDecember 10, 2011


Brian Ebersole is 2-0 in the UFC and has shown excellent wrestling, ground-and-pound and activeness in the cage through bouts with Chris Lytle and Dennis Hallman.

In Claude "The Prince" Patrick, Ebersole faces a technical striker who just happens to have a good ground game and also a promising record of wins inside the Octagon, but at 63 fights, Ebersole is a beast that Patrick may not be able to tame.

Ebersole is aggressive in his offensive approach, and to put it bluntly, he's very unorthodox for a guy with so many fights under his belt.

They call Ebersole a "White Anderson Silva" not because he has the potential to dominate the Welterweight division to that extent, but because of his unorthodox offense, and keeping Patrick guessing might be Ebersole's best bet.

Of course, takedowns and some punishment—like that which Dennis Hallman felt—also helps if Ebersole can get it, but Patrick is not an easy task for anyone.

If Ebersole wants to try and stand, he should make sure that his short shots find a home before he decides to get wild and crazy, as going for the show-stealing strikes could open him out for a KO shot from Patrick.

Ebersole is an intelligent individual who normally has his ways of exploiting his opponents' weaknesses, and the sooner he can exploit a weakness in the man known simply as "The Prince," the closer he will be to achieving victory.