UFC 140: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Will Send Tito Ortiz to the Retirement Home

Dale De Souza@@DaleDeSouzaMMAAnalyst IDecember 10, 2011

(UFC®119: Event Photo Gallery)
(UFC®119: Event Photo Gallery)

The consensus opinion seems to lean towards the prediction of Antonio Rogerio Nogueira sending Tito Ortiz into an early retirement, if Forrest Griffin's hesitance to accept a third fight with Ortiz doesn't somehow do the trick.

You'll never hear Rogerio Nogueira talk about retiring an opponent because the Nogueira brothers never needed to talk trash to let people know they were going to beat their opponent, but the consensus among some fans says that a Nogueira win means Tito is done, given past situations involving legends of the sport.

So with that all being said, how will Ortiz hope to send Ortiz into early retirement?

It won't be easy to do, given that Ortiz dropped Ryan Bader and submitted him, but Rashad Evans handled Ortiz in an enthralling UFC 133 main event bout that Ortiz took on short notice.

This isn't a short notice bout, but it's still possible Ortiz does get hurt by Nogueira because for all the takedown defense he's seemed to lack, he still hits hard.

All Nogueira would have to do on the feet is to do what he does best and keep the bout technical until he's absolutely sure that Tito is hurt, then go in for the kill, or he can use his boxing to set up some takedowns and put some real pressure on Ortiz.

If Nogueira can find a way to implement his ground game, that'll be even better, but the controversial decision win Nogueira earned against Jason Brilz was followed by decision losses to Bader and Phil Davis, so to put it nicely, Nogueira needs to turn the tide any way he can and serve as the proverbial "gravedigger" for Ortiz in what could prove to be Ortiz's true farewell fight.