Frank Mir: Killer of The Minotauro

Ian SibransinghContributor IDecember 28, 2008

Back in the day, the Greeks told stories about a labyrinth being the home of the ever dangerous Minotauro, there was one boy who said he was going to kill that Minotauro. People doubted him badly, and said he was going to get killed. The boy entered the maze, found the Minotauro killed it and found his way out and carried the head of the Minotauro out to show that clearly he did it. He killed the Minotauro.

Seems like history has repeated itself.

In 2008, the MMA world found out Frank Mir was going to be facing the Minotauro, and they doubted that Frank was going to beat Minotauro. But on December 27th, Frank walked into the maze(the Octagon) and completely dominated the Minotauro in two rounds of beautiful ass whooping. Instead of coming out with the Minotauro's head though, he came out with his interim belt instead. 

You as a fan that watched this match have to give Frank credit he did something that Tim Sylvia, Heath Herring, Cro Cop, Mark Coleman, Fedor and many more couldn't do, that is TKO Antonio Nogueria. He came in shape, he didn't even look tired by the end of the first round like he normally does and his stand-up probably impressed the crap out of everyone. 

All of my respect is out to Frank Mir right now, I was always a fan of his but he really impressed me that night. He came from being a fat ass losing to Vera and Cruz to submitting current UFC Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar and stopping Nogueira.

Congrats to Frank Mir for coming this far in his life. Good luck against Lesnar in the rematch.

(I apologize if my World History isn't right)