Chris Paul Trade: Dan Gilbert Must Get over Losing LeBron and Shut Up

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Chris Paul Trade: Dan Gilbert Must Get over Losing LeBron and Shut Up
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An orchestra of the world's smallest violins couldn't play a sad enough tune for Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert, who is still mourning about losing LeBron James to the Miami Heat.

ESPN published the text from an email from Gilbert to the commissioner, in which he said that allowing the Lakers to trade for Paul would be a "travesty."

Gilbert needs to stay out of it and stop trying to punish the rest of the league for his own team's inadequacies. He got ditched by LeBron because, in eight years, he failed to surround James with any sort of talent and forced his superstar to seek greener pastures.

The three-team trade that would send Paul to LA benefits every single team involved. What is Gilbert's goal? Does he want to see the Hornets suffer the way he did by letting Paul slip into free agency?

Gilbert has only himself to blame for losing James. He didn't put him in a position to succeed, and his superstar left in free agency, which he had every right to do.

Gilbert now wants to get on his soap box and preach about injustice. He is doing everything he can to keep three teams from bettering themselves.

Gilbert is at the helm of one of the sorriest franchises in the NBA. He experienced winning for a bit, got burned by LeBron and now feels he has earned the right to impose his pity party upon the rest of the league.

Is this a result Gilbert still being bitter over losing LeBron James?

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This trade not going through is a travesty. The fact that a few trolls have the power to make a trade they've got nothing to do with fall through is ridiculous.

At the end of the email, Golbert inquires, "When will we just change the name of 25 of the 30 teams to the Washington Generals?"

The real question is: When will Gilbert let go of his misdirected animosity?

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