Why is Nobody Talking About Drew Brees' 5,000 Yard Passing Season?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIDecember 28, 2008

Has the sports-news world gone mad or is it just me?

I must have been the only one who saw Drew Brees become only the second quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 5,000 yards in a single season.

I certainly didn't see much mention of it on nfl.com or sportsillustrated.com and the game has long been over.

This deserves to be a headline.

Brees' 5,069 passing yards fell only 15 yards short of the NFL record that Dan Marino set in 1984. Yet, where is the recognition this guy deserves?

First of all, I'm a Colts fan and I don't care much about the Saints as they have nothing to do with my team's future, but you have to put your personal convictions aside for a moment and realize the monumental significance of this event.

I personally feel that Brees should be the one and only person included in the debate of who will be winning the league MVP along side Peyton Manning.

And you know how much I love Manning.

But back to Drew Brees. His season totals are as follows...

5,069 yards, 34 touchdown passes, 17 interceptions, and a quarterback rating well above 96.0.

The one and only argument you hear against the credit Brees should be getting, but isn't, is the fact that the Saints finished with an 8-8 record this season and failed to make the playoffs.

Yes, that is disappointing as a "team!"

That is the key word here people because the Saints as a "team" lost half of their games. Not Brees.

How many do you think they would have won without Brees?

Today's loss to Carolina was a perfect example. Despite throwing for 386 yards and four touchdowns (one of them coming on what looked to be a game-winning drive) the Saints still lost.

So I ask this question, if Brees played with the Steelers defense and he won the game 31-10, you'd be calling this man the league MVP wouldn't you?

So how on earth does the atrocious performance of the Saints defense and a pitiful running game where your leading rusher happens to be Pierre Thomas have anything to do with Brees?

People need to stop judging the greatness of players by what their "team" accomplishes. Yes, of course your winning record is vital but there are a lot of great players out there who play like champions despite being on horrible teams. If you placed these fantastic players on better teams, they'd be champions.

Furthermore, Brees has eclipsed the 5,000 yard passing mark without a single receiver producing beyond a pedestrian-level. No player on the team eclipsed even 1,000 yards receiving and their leading receiver is Lance Moore.

Lance Moore?

Unless your a hardcore Saints fan, these names probably seem as foreign to you as they do to me. Yet, Brees has still managed to do something that neither Joe Montana, John Elway, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady have never done.

I suggest that all of you Saints fans on bleacher report gather together and try to help bring some attention to this player that more than deserves it. Brees if nothing else is an MVP-candidate and the probable winner of the NFL Offensive Player of the Year award.

He deserves more respect than this.