Lions Become Loosing-est Team In NFL History

Paul MillardContributor IDecember 28, 2008

Lions Are Perfectly Hopeless

The Detroit Lions have made history that no other team has made or has ever wanted to make: They are the losing-est team in the history of the NFL, failing to win a single game over the course of a 16-game season. Why recap the game? Chances are that if you watched just one Lions game, you saw them all. Really their only stand-out player was kicker Jason Hanson, and they didn't use him nearly enough in my book.

Nothing the Lions have done has made a difference: firing Matt Millen and not really replacing him, trading Roy Williams, or picking up Daunte Culpepper, who, before long, joined Jon Kitna with his out-for-the-season status.

The question now is: Would firing Lions coach Rod Marinelli make a difference next year? I don't think he alone is to blame. Yeah, I feel on fourth-and-short he went for it when a field goal was more promising, and didn't go for it when it was fourth-and-not-much-more -than-goal to go. But lets face it, the offensive line wasn't there for the team. They gave little protection to the quarterback, they missed key tackles, sometimes froze, and stood and watched as tackle opportunities ran past.

Poor third-down conversions, lousy run defense, inconsistent pass rush, and a lack of turnovers have also caused the Lions to achieve this dubiously historic season. The Lions' big question, "What about right now?" posed in their ads to fans, was answered 3/4 of the way in the season when ticket sales plummeted. Detroit is now are forced to reduce ticket prices for next year to keep the audience the team may still have. The Lions have made watching football not much fun for their fans, myself being one of them.