It is Time for NBA Owners to Overthrow David Stern

Kwame Fisher-JonesContributor IIIDecember 9, 2011

Enough is enough. What David Stern did Thursday evening was simply disgraceful. When the Commissioner put the kibosh on the Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers trade he circumvented the basic fabric of not only the NBA but America itself.

The NBA has been allowed to operate as a monopoly in our great country for far too long. Their unethical and unpractical approach to players has finally come home to roost on their front lawn. As we all sit in anticipation for the upcoming NBA season Commissioner Stern has tragically and fatally destroyed the season.

He along with Daniel Gilbert have shown us that the game is not foremost on their mind rather disciplining a flock of employees, who have in Stern’s mind disrespected his throne. Enough is enough. Simply Stern must go.

Chris Paul was set to be a Laker and Pau Gasol was set be a Houston Rocket, until Stern intervened. Stern’s divine intervention was so diabolical one knew he had not acted alone, and as always those instincts proved to be correct.  Yet it is the Commissioner who should bare the weight of the disdain for such a conceited move.

Stern was once the best Commissioner in sports. He was fair and swift in judgment. He always had the league’s best interest at heart. Stern worked tirelessly to rid the league of the drug epidemic that had taken it over in the eighties. He has also played a tremendous role in the sport growing internationally.

However, Stern’s move yesterday in blocking the trade of Chris Paul was despicable. He has now become the face of the new evil that is taking over the NBA. This evil is bad ownership. Teams are being run by owners who have a sense of entitlement, and have no basketball IQ. They have taken a game that was flourishing in the eighties and had it successfully stagnated.


Many have been told that it is the cities that have screwed the teams by not supporting them. In truth, it is the owners and front offices that have screwed these cities. The wails of owners going broke is so ridiculous. If for no other reason that you as a business owner are not entitled to make a profit.

Ask the local Bodega owner whose small market was forced to close, because he could not compete with the local Acme Supermarket about running a business. Then ask the owner of the Acme if he felt it was fair that Super Wal-Mart forced their store to close. This is America jack, we earn here.

Owners have failed miserably in putting a quality product on the floor, but have been enabled by Stern in their incompetence. He has allowed them to move from these cities under the notion that the cities are failing the franchises. The NBA owns the Hornets because David Stern screwed up. The once great Commissioner whose minuscule failures never truly hampered the league has now become the league’s biggest oppressor.

For 13 years the Hornets were in Charlotte. They led the league in attendance for eight of those years.  It was not like they were a championship contender either. They just put out a quality product. Attendance did not drop until the 2000-01 season three years after then owner, George Shinn was accused of sexual assault by a former female employee

Some say Shinn’s trial was the cause for the decline in attendance. Regardless, the city no longer believed in the authenticity of a man who had a prayer read over the P.A. system before games.

Shinn’s indiscretions may have led him to the desire to leave Charlotte, but Stern should have blocked this move from happening. Stern had to be well aware of the problems New Orleans would have in supporting an NBA franchise. After years of poor attendance and inconsistent play, the NBA now owns the Hornets.

There was a time when Stern put the league ahead of any one man or player. Sadly, that is no longer the case. He has become a Middle Eastern dictator who needs to be overthrown. Stern at 69, has become Willie Mays falling down in centercfield. Yet, he is too blind or too arrogant to see it.  

Two lockouts in 13-years. Three failed franchises in the last 15-years, with a possible fourth depending on what Sacramento does. Owners writing public Dear John letters. Referees sabotaging games. These are all indicators that the league is in need of a new leader. These instances are all results of Stern’s poor judgment that has now morphed into ineptitude.

Stern allowed the Hornets to field offers for Paul. He signed off on the hiring of the man in charge of directing the league owned team. Then allowed a group of owners that he has catered to, coerce him into blocking the move. What part of the game is this?

It is apparent that he is no longer a supreme decision maker capable of taking this league to new heights. Dr. Jerry Buss, Mickey Arson, Mark Cuban, and James Dolan need to form an alliance to have him relieved of his duties.

Stern was a dictator of a land that is no more. Now it is time for a new regime to take the reins, and reincarnate the game we have all come to know and love. The citizens must unite and overthrow their incapable leadership, or he will surely destroy the kingdom that has brought them boundless riches.




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