St. Louis Rams: Is Sam Bradford out for the Season?

David HeebCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2011

The St. Louis Rams just need to sit Bradford out for the rest of this year.
The St. Louis Rams just need to sit Bradford out for the rest of this year.Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams' season has been awful, terrible, pitiful, horrible, hard to watch and a total embarrassment.

For their young QB Sam Bradford, it hasn't been much better. Bradford has missed games with a bum ankle, and he hasn't been very good when he has played.

With Bradford's ankle possibly requiring surgery, should the Rams even consider playing him?

In Bradford's defense, it's not all his fault. He lost his most consistent receiver, Danny Amendola, during the first half of Week 1. Amendola's elbow bent the wrong way, and he was done for the year. Rookie tight end Lance Kendricks never lived up to his preseason hype. Danario Alexander, an exciting second-year player, also couldn't stay healthy.

The hits just kept on coming for Sam the Ram in 2011.

Mark Clayton, Bradford's best wide receiver from a year ago, never recovered from a ruptured patella tendon. Clayton tried to give it a go, but was also placed on the IR. Second-year tight end "Illinois Mike" Hoomanawanui was also placed on the IR. Rookie Greg Salas, who showed some serious potential, broke his leg and, you guessed it, was also done for the season.

The Rams' offensive line suffered a similar fate.

Jason Smith, the former No. 2 overall pick in the draft, has been a bust at right tackle. Who drafts a right tackle No. 2 overall anyway? Smith suffered a concussion and is also done for the season. Roger Saffold, the starting left tackle, tore a pectoral muscle lifting weights and was done for the season.

He got hurt lifting weights!

Jacob Bell, the starting left guard, is also out for the year. Starting center Jason Brown was demoted. So as bad as the Rams' receivers got beat up, the offensive line—Bradford's bodyguards—have been hit harder. You just can't lose both starting tackles and protect your quarterback.

That's why I think the Rams should just cut their losses and sit Sam Bradford.

This season is lost. The team is not going to beat Pittsburgh or San Francisco. Sam Bradford is not going to gain anything meaningful from playing in these games. He's just going to get beat up and develop more bad habits.

So let Bradford sit. Let him think about what went wrong this year. Let him study the film. Just put Bradford and his confidence on the IR already.

And then draft him some help—an offensive lineman, a good wide receiver or anybody that can actually play—when April's NFL Draft rolls around.