Cincinnati Reds: Walt Jocketty Deciding Which Direction the Reds Go

Diamond NotesCorrespondent IIIDecember 9, 2011

Walt Jocketty, Reds GM confident he will get something done this winter
Walt Jocketty, Reds GM confident he will get something done this winterHunter Martin/Getty Images

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty was busy this week at the Winter Meetings, however, he left Dallas frustrated.

Monday evening Mark Sheldon of wrote in his article "Behind scenes, Jocketty busily at work" that the Reds general manager said he's been busy and had talked to several clubs.

"We've been busy," Jocketty said. "We've talked to several clubs. Nothing close, but at least I feel like things are moving in the right direction here. Hopefully before the week is over, we'll be able to do something."

Wednesday evening Sheldon wrote in his article "Jocketty Frustrated by lack of action for Reds" that it hasn't been a good feeling this week for Jocketty.

"Very frustrating," Jocketty said on Wednesday in the Red's suite at the Hilton Anatole. "It's that way every year. You plan. We've been working on stuff since the Trade Deadline. You start looking at things, you start putting things together and your plan. You start trying to work on it. You start putting it into play, and you're not able to do anything."

Thursday afternoon Sheldon wrote in his article "Reds lay groundwork for potential deals" that there are potential deals dangling in front of Jocketty and the Reds.

"We still have a number of things we've discussed. A couple of things we could do. We have to decide if it's the right direction to go in," Jocketty said.

According to Sheldon's article, Jocketty did not appear as frustrated as he was on Wednesday.



"We've made significant progress in a couple of directions with clubs. I feel confident we'll still get something done this winter," said Jocketty.

We have all heard the saying that "sometimes the best deals are those that are never done". That may be the case with the Reds. At least Dan Plesac and Harold Reynolds of the MLB Network seem to think so.

Plesac stated on the network that he believes right-fielder Jay Bruce is an MVP type player and is beginning to play that way. Reynolds indicated that if Edinson Volquez can get it together the Reds have a strong 1-2 punch with him and Johnny Cueto.

I tend to agree with them. I believe the Reds have enough talent to win, although another front-end starter would be nice.