The Formula One Times: 28th Dec. World's Second Richest Man Buys Honda?

The Formula One TimesCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2008

The world's second richest man, Carlos Slim, is rumored to have bought the Honda F1 team. The rumors haven't yet been confirmed by either party, but a Mexican Newspaper has printed a story stating Mr Slim, estimated to have a wealth of over $60 billion, visited the Brackley team 10 days ago.

The paper, La Stampa said, "The saviour has arrived: Carlos Slim, 67, the second richest man in the world,"

"The news is not official as all the details have yet to be formalised. But two things are certain: the team has been saved and the drivers will be Jenson Button and rookie Bruno Senna will replace Rubens Barrichello."

If reports are true, the team could have the wealthiest and largest backing out of any other team on the grid, potentially making the team very competitive over the coming years, good news for any Honda fans.

Bruno Senna would no doubt be the replacement driver under Slim's control, one of his companies, Embratel, sponsor the current GP2 driver.

Nothing has yet come of the meeting between David Richards and the Kuwait-based investment group also rumoured to have been interested in the Honda outfit.

The Formula One Times wants to hear your views on this subject. Who would be best for the team, a former F1 boss with racing experience or the second wealthiest man in the world who could literally throw money at the team?

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