Mitch Picks the Independence Bowl: Louisiana Tech vs. Northern Illinois

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer IDecember 28, 2008

I cannot express how good it feels to have the site up and running.

While I enjoy having a site, especially one as successful as The College Football Place, it involves just a ton of work, and that workload tripled over the past few days. While a hacker may be more technically adept than I am, and they might get their thrills from seeing other people suffer, they will never be able to stop our effort or deter us for even a second from bringing everyone the best college football community on the net.

As we get back to football, I have been pretty good throughout the bowls thus far in some pretty tough games, going 7-4 against the spread. Jordan is lagging a little behind, but as we have seen throughout the season, he usually ends up on top in a big way when the final tallies are made. Jordan made his pick on this one, and it was the first thing I posted when the site came back up.

We start to hit full speed, as today is the last day for a while where we just have one college football game. So lets look a little deeper into this one and see what we find.

Independence Bowl    Independence Stadium  Shreveport, LA

Northern Illinois (6-6) vs. Louisiana Tech (7-5)

Sunday December 28, 2008    8:15 EST     The Line: Louisiana Tech -2


For those of you tuning into this one expecting a high scoring offensive show, you may be a little disappointed. This game shapes up as a defensive struggle by two teams who like to burn the clock so with the clock rules that were changed this season this has a good chance of being the shortest college football bowl game in history.

So while this may be forever known as the game where neither the Big 12 nor the SEC, who had a bowl tie in for this game, had enough teams bowl eligible to fill the slot, this thing sets up for all kinds of dubious distinctions.

While Northern Illinois had a nice turnaround season, they never had that marquee win that many teams have and use to build on. They won just about every game one would have thought they were going to win, and lost in those games they were picked to lose. While they were slightly better against the spread (6-5), they really would like a win here to have that something extra to build on for next year.

Louisiana Tech had a nice season for a team with modest expectations, and was highlighted by winning four of their last five games to get them into this bowl. While the season started with a win against and SEC team, Mississippi State, it also included a loss to Army. Louisiana Tech appears to be a program headed in the right direction, and a win in this one should go a long way on helping them gain some ground on the elite teams in the WAC.

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