5 Most Discouraging New York Jets Moments of 2011 Season

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor IDecember 9, 2011

5 Most Discouraging New York Jets Moments of 2011 Season

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    The New York Jets have had it rough this season.  Just about everything that could go wrong for them this season has.

    They have experienced a plethora of injuries to crucial starters, which were able to be overcome in some cases.

    The Jets are currently 7-5 and are trying to avoid missing the playoffs for the first time in three seasons.  Although they have a record above .500 and they have been winning games as of late, there have been plenty of discouraging moments that made fans and spectators worry as the season progressed.

    Let's take a look at some of those moments now.

    As always, feedback is welcome.  Enjoy!

5) Loss to Oakland Raiders 34-24, October 2

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    The Jets did not know what they were walking into when they went to take on the Oakland Raiders at the Colosseum (aka The Black Hole) earlier during Week 3.  Little did they know, they were sitting ducks as they took on one of the NFL's hottest teams at the time.

    Without All-Pro center Nick Mangold, the Jets had to rely on their subpar passing attack and defense.  Unfortunately, the Jets defense could not hold its own as the unit allowed Darren McFadden to run 171 yards on 19 carries with two touchdowns.

4) Loss of Nick Mangold, September 18

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    Since being drafted in 2006, Nick Mangold has been a staple in the New York Jets offensive line.  Although he is not the oldest, he leads the experienced group and is a great blocker.

    During the Jets Week 2 rout of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mangold suffered a high ankle sprain.  It was not until the next day when the news was announced that he would be missing the trip to Oakland the following week.

    In an effort to replace Mangold temporarily, the Jets picked up Colin Baxter who started preseason with the San Diego Chargers but was cut before Week 1.

    This injury was an indicator of worse things to come as the Jets had to take on three tough teams in the Raiders, Patriots and Ravens all on the road in the three weeks following Mangold's ankle injury.

3) Derrick Mason Trade, October 12

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    Following the Jets' Week 4 loss to the New England Patriots where they benched veteran Derrick Mason for rookie Jeremy Kerley, the Jets traded Mason to the Houston Texans.

    The trade was for a conditional draft pick, depending on how the Jets finish the season.  At this point in the season, the Jets were on a three-game skid and looking for some way to get back to the success they grew accustomed to over the last few years.

    The Mason trade was the second sign of turmoil in the Jets locker room as it seemed they were losing their grip on their 2011 season.  The first time was the week leading up to the Patriots game when reports came out that the Receivers were complaining to head coach Rex Ryan about offensive coordinator Brian Schotteneheimer.  

    Following the Mason trade, Santonio Holmes felt the need to point fingers as to why the Jets were playing poorly and talk about the Mason trade.  This only made the Jets locker room seem divided and was not a good sign as the Jets had a big Monday night game against the Dolphins creeping upon them.

2) Second Loss to New England, November 13

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    Everything was lined up perfectly.  The offense was finally producing, the defense was shutting down opposing offenses, a chance to redeem themselves, all in front of a home crowd.  Somehow, the Jets blew the game that was supposed the passing of the torch in the AFC East.

    The New England Patriots entered this game with injuries all throughout their defense and were coming off two big losses to the Steelers and Giants.  Somehow they were able to put all of that in the past and travel to New York and beat the Jets 37-16.

    Somehow, this enormous loss that cost the Jets the opportunity to take sole possession of the lead in the AFC East does not compare to the next moment, which was horrible to watch.

1) Loss to the Denver Tebows (Broncos), November 18

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    The Jets definitely drew the short stick in this scenario.  Following their Sunday night loss to the Patriots, the Jets had a very short week of practice and had to travel to the "Mile High City," where they would take on the Broncos on a brisk Thursday night.

    First off, the NFL did a horrible job of scheduling when it came to this matchup, as it is not fair for the players to have to play two games in four days, especially the Jets players who have to go across the country.  

    Now, back to the game—the Jets should have won this game.  Their defense was doing a great job of keeping Tebow from making any plays (until the last drive of course), but the offense was absolutely horrendous.

    At running back, the Jets were already thin because of a knee injury LaDainian Tomlinson suffered the week before, causing him to stay home.  And in the first half, Shonn Greene suffered a rib injury that kept him out.  These injuries made second-year back Joe McKnight the starter for the rest of the night.

    These injuries and substitutions added onto the fact that Mark Sanchez was throwing the ball horribly and his offensive line was not giving him proper protection (especially Wayne Hunter).  It only makes sense that the Jets were only able to score 13 points that night.

    This loss put the Jets on the edge of playoff contention where they still remain, and what made it worse was that 10 solid minutes by Tim Tebow erased 50 great minutes of football the Jets defense played.