Denver Broncos: 5 Plays That Could Help Tim Tebow Be Even Better

David AllisonContributor IIDecember 9, 2011

Denver Broncos: 5 Plays That Could Help Tim Tebow Be Even Better

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    The ascendancy of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos subsequent rise to respectability is one of the best stories in the NFL so far this season.

    The Broncos have won six out of seven games with Tebow under center, and find themselves with the lead in the AFC West division.

    While the dramatic improvement of their defense certainly has as much (if not more) to do with the Broncos recent success, it is hard to imagine the Broncos having this much vim and elan with Kyle Orton under center instead of Tebow.

    It is well known that Tebow is not only a good runner, but that he also protects the ball extremely well. He's only thrown one pick this year and doesn't fumble. With his best passing game of the year last Sunday against Minnesota (10 of 15 for 202 yards and two touchdowns), Tebow has also shown that he can win games with his arm as well.

    The Broncos have found unorthodox ways to win. What plays could the Broncos integrate into their repertoire that would make Tebow even better?

The Flea Flicker Could Add a Tricky Dimension for Denver

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    While it has to be used sparingly, adding in the flea flicker would provide a run-first team with an excellent trick play that would catch opposing teams' defenses off guard.

    Willis McGahee and Lance Ball have shown that they are hard runners who can make hay on the ground. Teams know that those guys are going to get the rock early and often.

    With the flea flicker, Tebow can hand off to McGahee or Ball and then they can take a few steps toward the line and pitch it back to Tebow for a long throw.

A Designed Draw Play for Tebow Could Gain Nice Yardage

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    The Broncos' offensive line has blocked very effectively for the past few games. They are bullying open big holes for running backs and giving Tebow enough time to drop back and pass when necessary.

    A designed draw play for Tebow could help to gain good yardage on early downs.

Integrating More "Out" Patterns Could Improve the Passing Game

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    Second-year receiver Eric Decker has shown that he's a special football player. Fellow second-year man Demaryius Thomas has come on nicely in the last couple games as well.

    With those two running deep "out" routes and breaking to the sideline, the big-armed Tebow could hit them downfield off of play-action fakes.

    While Tebow's intermediate passing game is suspect, he can sling the ball downfield with alacrity.

A Fake End-Around Would Be Another Nice Gimmick Play for the Broncos

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    This could be a play that takes too long to develop, but it may be a helpful addition to Tebow's playbook. 

    The Broncos could send wide receiver toward Tebow when he drops back and then have Tebow pull the football up and run it to wherever he reads that the defense isn't. This type of play is a variation of the option offense that integrates some subtle trickery to gain positive yardage.

A Goal Line Naked Bootleg Would Improve the Broncos Red Zone Success

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    The Broncos have been much better at converting touchdowns in the red zone, with Tebow leading the offense. One possible addition to the playbook down near the goal line could be a naked bootleg.

    By sending all the blockers one way and then having Tebow run the opposite way could be a great way to get across the goal line.

    Even if some defenders sniff it out, Tebow's nasty stiff arm should be able to put six points on the scoreboard.