Desmond Howard: Former Wolverine Is the New Face of the Heisman Trophy

Douglas KopfContributor IDecember 9, 2011

Desmond Howard 'pose' from a game against Ohio State. Bleacher Report photo.
Desmond Howard 'pose' from a game against Ohio State. Bleacher Report photo.

There is a phenomenon I first noticed back in 2008. It was the Saturday before the Heisman Trophy presentation. On the Sports page of the Des Moines Register was a photograph of the Heisman Trophy on a table under a tent. Also under the tent was a guy holding a football and doing a "Heisman" pose. Which takes me back to 1991.

Back in 1991 Desmond Howard was a wide receiver/kick returner for the Michigan Wolverines. He was also a leading candidate for the Heisman trophy going into a game against Notre Dame. During the game, Howard ran a kick back for a touchdown. He stopped in the end zone and did a quick "Heisman" pose of his own.

He was just going from memory, so his pose was just a little off. However, ever since that play, every time you see someone doing a "Heisman" pose, they are actually doing a "Howard" pose. Even now, in 2011, guys are still doing "Howard" poses instead of "Heisman" poses. 

If you look at the trophy, both of the player's feet are on the ground, and he is leaning forward and reaching to one side for the stiff arm. Desmond Howard lifted one leg off the ground, and reached slightly behind him.

Which brings me back to the Register sports page in 2008. Unlike Desmond Howard in that game against Notre Dame, this guy has the trophy right there and he is still doing a "Howard" pose! Clearly Desmond Howard is the new face of the Heisman Trophy. Maybe we should just call it the Howard Trophy.