Tyson Chandler to the Knicks Has to Make Them a Contender

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Tyson Chandler to the Knicks Has to Make Them a Contender
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As of yesterday, it didn't seem like the Knicks were a legitimate contender for the championship, but with the signing of Tyson Chandler imminent, things have definitely shifted in the Knicks favor. 

The 7'1", 29-year-old center will surely make a difference on the Knicks in many ways.

First, he brings a presence down low the Knicks sorely needed. He ranked in the top 10 last season in rebounds (9.4/game), and he racked up 1.8 blocks/game. 

Aside from the immediate effect, bringing in Chandler will allow for Amar'e Stoudemire to move back to the PF position, where he belongs. Not only will his game improve, but his health will improve.

Amar'e got beat up throughout the season last year when he was forced to play center. Even though Amar'e is a big guy (6'10"), but that is relatively small for center. As big as Amar'e is, he looked dwarfed when standing next to Dwight Howard last season. 

Center was easily the weakest point of the Knicks lineup last year, and Chandler will change that. Having a front court led by Stoudemire and Chandler has to be amongst the best in the league, if not the best. Both are scorers, both are shot blockers, both are rebounders. Call me crazy, but it reminds me of the dynamic duo of David Robinson and Tim Duncan that dominated the paint for years in San Antonio

Now, with every action, there is a reaction, and it is relatively big here. Bringing in Chandler forces the Knicks do dump Chauncey Billups in some fashion, whether it is through a trade or through the new amnesty clause

This has left Billups "irate," and I can't really blame him, but it had to be done. Billups was likely out the door next year, and his salary of about $14 million would be too much for the Knicks once they bring in Chandler (likely around $14 million as well). 

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The Knicks have little to work with when it comes to point guards. The free agent market isn't big, being led by Mike Bibby and Carlos Arroyo. 

On Twitter, it has been suggested that Baron Davis may be victim of the amnesty clause in Cleveland, and if he passed through waivers, he would like to join the Knicks in the Garden.

              Have strong indications that Baron Davis would come to NYK at a discount if he                clears the amnesty waivers. But are  interested

Now, this is just an opinion, but it's an interesting scenario. A guy like Davis would fit in well with the Knicks, and they really don't need a star point guard. They now have three stars on the team in Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and now Tyson Chandler. Landry Fields will start as the guard, with Iman Shumpert and Bill Walker coming off the bench. 

All the Knicks really need is a guy who can bring the ball up the court. They don't need a scorer, they don't need a playmaker. They need someone who can handle the ball, play some defense and hit an open shot. 

As of today, the Knicks starting point guard is Toney Douglas. I don't feel any better about it than you do, but this hole in the lineup is much better than a hole at center. The Knicks can survive with a weakness at point guard, but, as we saw last year, they coudln't survive with a weakness at center. 

Kevin Love stomped all over the Knicks when he had his insane double-double; the Celtics man-handled the Knicks in the playoffs when Glen Davis and Kevin Garnett were able to overpower Jared Jeffries or Ronny Turiaf. 

Whether or not you like the money that the Knicks are giving to Chandler, they ARE a better team, and it will be great to see this team take the court against the Celtics on Christmas Day.

Get excited, Knicks fans; basketball is back. 

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