Week 17 NFL Predictions

Michael GlaessnerCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2008

They're the NFL's feel-good story and with a win today in New York, the Miami Dolphins, who have already set a record by being the first team in history to win double-digit games after a one-win season, finish an improbable division-winning season.

They've won seven of their previous eight since a 2-4 start and have done so thanks to the timely passing of Chad Pennington and the awesome pass-rushing of Matt Roth and Joey Porter.

They went unconventional with the Wildcat offense and Tony Sparano has pulled every rabbit out of his hat. Does he have a few more tricks up his sleeve next week? He'll need to with the season on the line.

Oakland at Tampa Bay

Line: Buccaneers by 13

Tampa will take care of business in all likelihood. They'll have to after blowing a golden opportunity to clinch against the Chargers. Buccaneers 31, Raiders 20

Detroit at Green Bay

Line: Packers by 11

The 0-16 season comes full circle in Lambeau Field. The Lions had a chance to avoid history last week against the eliminated Saints and completely blew it. Now, there's no hope and the winless season is imminent. Packers 28, Lions 20

New York Giants at Minnesota

Line: Vikings by 7

The Giants may be playing all their starters, presenting a challenge to the Vikes. Another challenge will be winning without the Williams brothers, and the Vikes didn't look good in getting blown out by the Falcons. Even if the Giants have clinched, it'll take a mammoth effort from the Vikes to get it done. Vikings 27, Giants 23

Chicago at Houston

Line: Texans by 3

Houston gets it done and finishes .500 for the second season in a row, spoiling the faint playoff hopes of the Chicago Bears. Texans 23, Bears 21

Carolina at New Orleans

Line: Panthers by 2

They got their 11 wins, now the Cardiac Cats still must clinch with the red-hot Falcons still on their tails. 11-0 home records within the division are never wrong though, plus Brees is unstoppable at home. Saints 41, Panthers 27

St. Louis at Atlanta

Line: Falcons by 14

Yes, it is possible that the Dirty Birds can clinch the No. 2 seed, and if such is to occur, it'll continue the tradition of the last-place NFC South team finishing first. Falcons 31, Rams 10

Kansas City at Cincinnati

Line: Bengals by 2.5

The Chiefs may be the greatest 2-13 team in NFL history. The number of close games they've lost is absolutely astounding. Chiefs 23, Bengals 20

Jacksonville at Baltimore

Line: Ravens by 11

They've taken care of business all year, so why should blowing out Jacksonville be any different? Ravens 20, Jaguars 7

Tennessee at Indianapolis

Line: Titans by 3

Vince Young vs Jim Sorgi? I'll go with Vince, thank you very much. Titans 27, Colts 20

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Line: Steelers by 11

Cleveland will get negative yards and probably score negative points against the Steelers. Steelers 21, Browns 0

New England at Buffalo

Line: Patriots by 5.5

The Pats won in the snow last week, Buffalo is a tough opponent, but they'll put a little pressure on Miami by taking care of business in Buffalo. Patriots 26, Bills 23

Dallas at Philadelphia

Line: Eagles by 1.5

The Cowboys season is on the line, and they have never shown character in that situation. Why would they start this week? Eagles 27, Cowboys 24

Miami at New York Jets

Line: Jets by 3

The Jets have pissed their season away, and the Fins keep improving every week. This week, they make history, tying the Colts for the greatest turnaround in one season in NFL history. Dolphins 24, Jets 21

Seattle at Arizona

Line: Cardinals by 7

There will be two 8-8 teams in the playoffs this year. These Cardinals are so fraudulent, they might as well be counterfeit. Seahawks 28, Cardinals 26

Washington at San Francisco

Singletary's boys will rally to 7-9, while Zorn's Skins tumble out of post-season consideration. 49ers 30, Redskins 21

Denver at San Diego

Line: Chargers by 8

The Broncos' collapse will be complete after this Sunday. Chargers 34, Broncos 27

Week 16 vs Spread 6-9

Week 16 Straight up 8-7

Season vs Spread 129-110-3

Season Straight up 152-89-1