WWE: John Morrison's WWE Departure

Michael PrunkaCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2011

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison.
Former WWE Superstar John Morrison.

This week, John Morrison left the WWE after his contract expired and was not renewed. Any fan that follows the WWE close enough could have seen this coming months ago. For the longest time, Morrison has been in the proverbial “dog house.” A lot of people attribute this to his relationship with Melina. Personally, I’d identify the beginning of the end as WrestleMania, when he gave Trish Stratus the cold shoulder on live PPV.

Now, I can go on and on about how unprofessional Morrison had been and how he, to some extent, had it coming when he got released. But that’s not where I’d like to go with this column. What I’d like to know is if I had told you a year ago that John Morrison would fall into an unrecoverable slump and subsequently be released, would you have believed me?

Almost exactly one year ago, John Morrison defeated Sheamus in a spectacular Ladder Match at the TLC PPV to earn the No. 1 contendership to The Miz’s WWE Championship. Morrison then went on to challenge The Miz on the January 3 edition of Raw in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Despite the fact that he came up short, the two had a spectacular match nonetheless. To say the least, Morrison had started 2011 with a bang.




As the year progressed, Morrison continued to get opportunity after opportunity to shine. He was among the favorites to win the Royal Rumble. Despite coming up short there, he still had the memorable parkour spot where he saved himself from being eliminated by clinging to the barricade.

A month later, he also managed to make an impact in the Raw Elimination Chamber match. Other than participating in a triple threat steel cage match for the WWE Championship, Morrison’s star began to fade as he regressed into the midcard.


It was a gradual process, but by the time SummerSlam came around, it was a well-known fact that Morrison was essentially nothing more than a jobber. He still flirted with the midcard championships. He wrestled with both the Intercontinental Champion and United States Champions on multiple occasions.

If I’m not mistaken, he also contended for those titles a few times in the months before his release. It was still obvious just from the way he was booked that the end was near, though.

As fans, we can speculate all we want about why Morrison was released. Was it his choice? Was there really some irreversible damage done by his relationship with Melina? Who knows? More importantly, does it matter now that he’s actually gone?

Rather, I’d like just to point out that WWE did miss out on a lot with John Morrison. It seemed the closest he had been to breaking into the main event was when he was challenging Miz at the beginning of the year.



In my opinion, there was a great story to be told between Miz and Morrison. Having both been products of WWE’s Tough Enough, as well as former tag team partners, they certainly had the history to drive a great feud. Seeing as it was WrestleMania season when they were getting to opportunity to work together at a main event level, it’s understandable why the WWE didn’t have Morrison and Miz in the main event of the PPVs.


Nonetheless, there was a lot that Morrison had to offer. It’s really too bad that he suffered such a dramatic fall right as he was seemingly on the cusp of finally being a main eventer.

As a fan of the business, I hate to see anyone lose their job in wrestling. If he wanted it, then more power to him! But whatever the reason was, I’m sure it was for the best. Give it time, and I’m sure everything will work out.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish John Morrison the best in all his future projects, whether they be wrestling related or not. Despite all the criticism, I really am a fan of John Morrison. Maybe we’ll see him back in the WWE someday.


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