Kelvin Sampson Fallout: You Deserve It, Indiana

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Kelvin Sampson Fallout: You Deserve It, Indiana
When Bobby Knight was at IU, I was a huge IU fan. The Hoosiers were always one of my favorite teams, right behind Notre Dame and alongside Duke and North Carolina.

Even though, as we all know, Knight had his moments, he is a great coach and his players always graduated. One of his strengths was that he always was close to most of his players long after they graduated. He helped many of them after their basketball careers were over and it often went unreported.

After the cowardly lion president of IU, Myles Brand, caved into media pressure and put a zero tolerance policy in effect for Knight, you new his days were numbered, and it didn't take long for the cowardly lion to find a BS incident before they fired him.

Okay—coaches get fired all the time for a variety of different reasons, but I think in Knight's case it was because the administration felt he became bigger than the school (see Lou Holtz) and they were jealous.

Enter Mike Davis, a nice guy but maybe not able to coach at the high level required in the Big 10 and on the national level. He did make an early impact but with Knight's players but Davis didn't win enough—goodbye Mike.
Now for the best part—IU in its infinite wisdom in a search for a new head coach passes up some great IU guys including Steve Alford, Joe Hillman and a few others. What's the problem?

Answer: They're all Bobby Knight's guys.

And what do they do next?

They hire a known cheater—Kelvin Sampson. A KNOWN CHEATER!!!
They knew his track record at Oklahoma but yet they welcomed him with open arms—why?

It didn't take long for the known cheater to get in trouble again. Was it worth it? I hope the administration can sleep at night (no I don't). When you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas.
To all of the kids in Indiana who shoot hoops by the barn, you have a great basketball tradition in your state. Probably one of the best basketball states in the country, but your university has sunk to a new low. I feel sorry for you. I used to really like IU basketball but now—I lost my respect for them.
If for some strange reason IU would call Bobby Knight to see if he was available, Knight should tell them to go screw themselves.

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