Frank Mir to Face Brock Lesnar for the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Title

Colin VassalloCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

It is all set for next year as Brock Lesnar will have to face the man who gave him his first UFC loss once again, Frank Mir.

Mir, yesterday, totally annihilated Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira in the second round winning the interim UFC Heavyweight title.

Lesnar, accompanied by his wife Rena, was sitting in front row at the MGM Grand watching the fight. The UFC Heavyweight champion stood up and clapped and even smiled as Mir looked at him and told him that he has his belt.

The two met at a previous UFC pay-per-view and while Lesnar dominated for the duration of the 90 second match, Mir caught him in a knee bar to quickly end the fight, giving Lesnar his first loss.

Their next fight is now to unify the two belts to determine who is the undisputed UFC Heavyweight champion.