Ohio State Puts Another Black Eye on the Big 10

Sherman L. McCleskyCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

Everybody has that one friend that embarrasses you where ever you go.

You know, the friend that comes to the party over-cologned and drunk. When he talks to a woman, he often says things like "you have ethnic beauty" (Aka you're pretty fine for a black girl), or corny things like "You must be tired, because you had been running through my mine all day."

How do you treat such a person?

This is the Big Ten's problem with Ohio State. The Buckeyes plays great within the Big 10 conference, but when they play outside of the conference?

I was not stunned by West Virginia's win over Ohio State in basketball Saturday; however, I was stunned by their margin of victory in the 76-48 blowout. It was as though the 15th ranked Buckeyes didn't belong on the same court as West Virginia.

It doesn't make any sense to me as to why this great athletic program keeps embarrassing this conference. Every time I try to make a reasonable argument for the Big 10, Ohio State always comes up with a way to mess my argument up.

In 2006, Wisconsin and Penn State had won their bowl games against SEC opponents. Yet, the SEC had won the bragging rights over the Big Ten.

Why? Because in the BCS championship game, Florida had crushed Ohio State. Even though the SEC lost the head-to-head battle 2-1, the media cited Florida's rout over the Buckeyes as the true measuring stick.

As a Wolverine fan, I was hoping that one day Michigan basketball would return, and it did. In spectacular fashion, the Wolverines posted wins over UCLA and Duke. Michigan State, Minnesota, and Purdue also contributed to the conference's best basketball start in recent memory.

Everything appeared to be OK... Then enters Ohio State.

So once again, Ohio State spoils the party.

Look, Buckeyes fans, we're not asking your teams to win every non-conference game, in every sport. We're just asking your teams to stop getting slapped in your non-conference losses.

I don't mind you guys running around claiming to have the conference's best athletic director, but with that proclamation, comes responsibility. The media is defining the Big 10 by how you guys play—so you guys need to start playing better against non-conference opponents.

Today, the media will have a field day in reporting this loss. Afterwards, the Big 10 will once again have to prove itself. Thanks for nothing.