North Carolina WR Hakeem Nicks: Sickest, Most Impossible Catch EVER?

HD Handshoe - IDecember 27, 2008

There have been many famous catches in the history of professional and college football.

Many of them have nicknames such as "The Immaculate Reception" made by Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers, or simply "The Catch," from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the 1982 NFC Championship game.

How about "The Miracle in Miami" Hail Mary pass to win the game for Boston College in 1984, from Heisman winner Doug Flutie to wide receiver Gerald Phelan to defeat the defending National Champion Miami Hurricanes.

The catch that North Carolina Junior wide receiver Hakeem Nicks made in the Mieneke Car Care Bowl vs. West Virginia on December 27, 2008 may simply go down in history as "The Sickest, Most Impossible Catch EVER!"

See for yourself: