WWE: 15 Mixed Tag Teams from the Current Roster

Neil James@NeilosJamesFeatured ColumnistDecember 11, 2011

WWE: 15 Mixed Tag Teams from the Current Roster

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    Mixed-gender tag team matches are rarely used, and some might say for a very good reason.

    But let's imagine WWE creative decided to be super-creative and cobble together a mixed tag team division out of the current roster.

    Which pairings would produce some decent feuds, good storylines and, most importantly, some memorable matches?

    As it happens, I asked myself that very question during a moment of boredom and ended up here.

    There are 15 Divas (including Vickie, and inactives Kharma and Layla) on the current roster, so unfortunately most of the Superstars will be left standing in the kitchen, talking about cars and wondering why no one thought to invite more ladies.

    While we reflect on that familiar image, here's my take on it. 

Natalya and Jack Swagger

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    Natalya is currently (and sadly, but that's another article) playing second-fiddle and jobber-of-convenience for Beth. 

    For quite some time, Swagger has been floating somewhere between comedy act and playing a bumbling Robin to Dolph Ziggler's Batman.

    Two supporting actors who could easily form a leading team.  Both have significant technical skill, prefer to use submission finishers and have been known to apply them after the match is over.

    A heel team initially, but might also work as a face pairing.

AJ and The Big Show

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    Big Show is the largest Superstar, an absolute rock who (despite that beautiful, beautiful elbow drop) works best on his feet. 

    AJ is the smallest Diva and prefers a high-flying style.

    This pairing would be like a fighter jet with its own personal aircraft carrier.  Show could either launch AJ at opponents, or she could use him as a fifth turnbuckle.

    Or—Show does love a bit of comedy—AJ could perhaps Irish Whip him into a corner splash.

    WMD followed by gorilla press-launched elbow drop would be a lovely finishing combo.

Eve and Dolph Ziggler

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    This pairing just came to mind for no apparent reason, and is perhaps an odd one given their current personas.

    But Eve would make a good heel. 

    And I think placing her with Ziggler's "show-off" character would be a good choice. 

    The back-flip and moonsault goes well with Dolph's headstands, and as heels I think they'd be somewhat similar characters.

Rosa Mendes and The Undertaker

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    When did you last see Rosa do anything in the ring?

    When did you last see 'Taker do anything in the ring?

    They could be absent from competition together.

    If I had to find a reason other than that, I'd be struggling.  I suppose you could do Rosa up in goth-style and have her as a "sexy Undertaker groupie" type character. 

    She'd probably look rather good in such a get-up.

Kaitlyn and Mark Henry

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    Kaitlyn is a former bodybuilder and has bags of physical strength—lifting weights and having pictures taken afterwards was her day job prior to becoming a wrestler. 

    And we all know Mark Henry is "The World's Strongest Man."

    Henry could do with a female in his wrestling life, and Kaitlyn has shown sufficient heel-like tendencies of late to be a good choice.

    Each is capable of throwing most opponents around the ring like a rag doll, and if I had to have a "powerful" pairing, it would be this one.

Vickie Guerrero and The Miz

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    "Excuse me!"


    "Excuse me!?"


    "EXCUSE ME!?"

    For no other reason than the infuriating four-hour exchange of their catchphrases they'd have with Johnny L when told they were a team.

Beth Pheonix and Evan Bourne

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    Having already created one "powerful" pairing, I'd go the other way with Beth and place her with a high-flier. 

    Evan isn't a big guy, and Beth could probably show off her strength by appearing to launch him into some big moves. 

    She's perhaps not strong enough to genuinely throw him, but a bit of a help-out spring from Bourne would produce some very impressive double-teams.

Nikki Bella and Alberto del Rio

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    I picked the partners for Bellas differently to the others, mainly for feud-making reasons.

    An obvious one to start, but for a good reason.  This one's all about personality (or personas), and some form of link-up between Alberto and the Bellas has been hinted at for months. 

    Their characters go together painfully well, but he can only have one. 

    So Nikki would win the quest for his wallet, for no reason other than that I thought of her name first.

Brie Bella and Zack Ryder

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    Brie (I think that's the ever-so-slightly slimmer one with the waist tattoo) would be the scorned sister, and I could see her making a face turn to link up with someone else the Bellas have been frequently seen with backstage of late—Zack Ryder.

    I really think Zack and Alberto would make a good feud, and if you put Bella vs. Bella with that you'd have something special.

    And having the twins at such extreme ends of the spectrum would be fun to watch.

Aksana and John Cena

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    Who better to break up Cena's in-ring monologues than everyone's favourite Lithuanian Diva?

    There's no wrestling reason for this one, but seeing as both spend more time speaking than they do competing, that doesn't really matter.

    I'm sure we'd all appreciate Aksana describing the match in which "John Keener" performed a five-knuckle shuffle before making his opponent tap with a big "stf" in the middle of the ring...

Alicia Fox and Christian

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    I think these two would go very well together. 

    Alicia was better as a heel, and she would very easily slide into a sneaky, snarky and slippery persona alongside Christian.

    Style-wise, Alicia can do a few of the more spectacular-looking spots, to complement Christian's arsenal of such moves. 

    The understated but effective slap currently employed in many different variations by Christian would look good coming from Alicia, too.

    And they both have unique walks.  Never underestimate the bonding power of a unique walk.

Tamina and Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett's current character is that of a "just plain nasty" heel. 

    He doesn't seem reliant on a cheap heat and could quite easily make a baby cry at 100 paces.

    I think Tamina could do that kind of character better than any of the other divas, and they're similarly built relative to the rest of their divisions—both big, powerful competitors.

    Much like Eve/Dolph, these two just struck me as a good combination.

Kelly Kelly and CM Punk

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    CM Punk is the guy we expect to speak his mind, be honest and stick to his guns. 

    He's also a very skilled wrestler. 

    Kelly possesses a slightly unconventional move set.  Not in a bad way, but they're not what one might call "pure" wrestling moves.

    With that in mind, I'd absolutely love to see Punk doing Kelly's signature moves. 

    Butt-slap, Stink Face, that screamy jumping thing.  All the while maintaining his serious, best in the world, "I'm a better wrestler than you" act.

    That's pretty much the only reason for this one.

Layla and Santino Marella

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    I think Layla could come across as serious and focused more than most other Divas on the roster. 

    Santino's current character does have an edge of seriousness to it, but it's overwhelmed by the comedy side.

    The humor aspect wouldn't be removed entirely, but I could see Layla as a bit of a drill sergeant for Santino, shouting at him and knocking him into shape in order to make the team a success.

    I'm a fan of both, and I think this unlikely partnership would yield a good result.

Kharma and Hornswoggle

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    This one was more difficult, because Kharma could believably destroy half the teams on her own.

    So she receives the great leveller, Hornswoggle.

    Cheerleader, distraction-master, baseball bat.  A perfect complement to the most fearsome diva.

And That's All of Them...

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    I could only see two of these pairings happening in reality, and not as a mixed tag team.

    Zack Ryder vs. Alberto del Rio with a Bella each, cheering them on from the outside would make perfect sense for a lot of reasons. 

    The two guys will need new enemies soon (unless Alberto wins the title back at TLC, which is unlikely), and having one sister each as a cheerleader/valet/partner would meet Vince's demands that they be featured more on TV—without having to clumsily insert them into the current Diva storyline.

    A few of the others would be (for me, anyway) wonderful, like having Aksana interrupt Cena all the time.  And I'd love to see what sort of results AJ and Big Show could produce in the ring.

    But really, they like the rest would only be halfway relevant and realistic pairings if Vince decided he wanted dedicate a week to mixed tag teams.

    Oh, and as you may have noticed, I tried to avoid the obvious where I thought it prudent to do so.  For example, putting Natalya and Tyson Kidd together would have been way too easy.

    Hope it was a fun read, if nothing else!