NFL Week 14: Craziest Odds

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIDecember 8, 2011

NFL Week 14: Craziest Odds

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    Every week, the guys in Vegas put out odds for projected winners and losers of each NFL game.

    For the betting man, whether they bet for hard-earned dough or pride, these odds make some look like chumps and others look like Gods, depending on who guesses right.

    I'll add that although these odds may not be consistent around the world, these are the general odds being pinned out of the betting market.

    Sometimes you get a feeling they know more than us, but I present to you the craziest odds for Week 14, the kind of odds that make you stop, think, and maybe go for the underdog.

Baltimore vs. Indianapolis: Baltimore 10:1

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    Not only have the Ravens lost to the Jags and Seahawks, but they've also been pushed by Arizona and Cincinnatti at home (in case you're counting that as a gimme factor).

    There's no question they should be favored, and by a lot, but 10:1? Against New Orleans, the Rams were given 8:1.

Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh: Steelers 9:1

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    Once again, a bigger underdog than the Rams vs. the Saints?

    Consider the fact the Browns always play the Steelers tough, and Roethlisberger has lost to them I believe more than any other team...or am I wrong?

    Again, it's not that the Steelers are pinned as big favorites, it's that they were given 9-1...

Washington vs. New England: Patriots 4.1:1

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    On any other week, I wouldn't be pointing this out.

    But since the Browns and Colts are pegged to be sacrificed to the Greek Gods on Mount Olympus, why are the Redskins given such a—dare I say—rather lenient opportunity?

    The Patriots' defense may allow garbage points late, but who thinks the Patriots have any shot of losing to a Rex Grossman-led team? Don't the Patriots have Kyle Arrington slobbering in the backfield?

Buffalo vs. San Diego: Chargers 3.6:1

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    So let me get this straight. Both teams are 5-7 and both teams have suffered long losing streaks.

    The Chargers, after beating the freaking Jaguars, are all of a sudden nearly 4:1 favorites? On what street corner are they selling this delusional product?

Cardinals vs. 49ers: 49ers 2.8:1

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    It's not that I don't think the Cardinals are going to put up a fight, but this is a matchup that saw a near shutout were it not for a late touchdown to Fitzgerald.

    The Cardinals have won some games, but they're still a five-win team going up against the potential second seed in the NFC.


    You'd think the odds would be bigger.