The Dirge That Is Australian Spin Bowling

Ben DoverContributor IDecember 27, 2008

For the second test in Melbourne, Australia has opted to go with Nathan Hauritz instead of Jason Krezja. Panic stations. After being comprehensively beaten in Perth, unable to obtain the 20 wickets needed to win, Australia have gone and done the unthinkable.

Instead of Krezja, a flight bowler, a testing bowler they have gone and put in Nathan Haurtiz. Nathan Haurtiz is not a wicket taker. The off spin bowler from Queensland (now playing for New South Wales) is a stock standard, unthreatening bowler. Hauritz bowls straight up and down, no flight, no spin, just flat and straight.

This kind of bowling is quite adequate for one-day cricket, in fact, Andrew Symonds does a great job for Australia doing exactly this thing (and possibly more successful). So why are Australia going for this type of bowler? Australia need wicket takers not right arm over, run stoppers.

I can only think that Australia are clutching at straws. The Melbourne pitch doesn't spin much, it has good bounce though. Why wouldn't you put in another medium quick, such as Doug Bollinger, another left hander? Andrew Symonds and Michael Clarke are capable of producing the same type of bowling Hauritz will be producing.

The Australian selectors have made a monumental mistake, one that could end up costing Australia the series. God I wish Haurtiz was back playing at the SCG and god I wish Warnie was still here.