The 40 Most Buzz-Worthy NFL Cheerleaders of 2011

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterDecember 8, 2011

The 40 Most Buzz-Worthy NFL Cheerleaders of 2011

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    Cheerleaders, past and present, are always making news; there's something about these lovely ladies, aside from the sexy outfits, that people cannot get enough of. 

    This year alone, current and former NFL cheerleaders have made news all over the country. Sometimes it's something good, like a professional achievement, and sometimes it's something bad, like being implicated in a state-wide car theft ring and "chop shop."

    I've spent hours exhaustively scouring the vast recesses of the interwebs looking for any and every cheerleader who did something of note besides cheering and compiled them all into one amazing list. 

    Here are the 40 of the most buzz-worthy NFL cheerleaders who made news in 2011. 

40. Angela Nicotera, Dallas Cowboys

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    Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Angela Nicotera definitely had the longest commute to Cowboys Stadium to audition for DCC; having traveled from her native Australia. Nicotera made the team, so her long journey and pricey plane ticket proved worth it. 

    As the first Australian to be selected by the DCC, Nicotera reached instant "national treasure" status and received quite a lot of publicity both in Australia and Dallas.

    She received even more publicity when Wendi White, a fellow Aussie who was a DCC in 1980, publicly disputed Nicotera's claim to be the first. 

39. Georgia Schoonover, Seattle Seahawks

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    Georgia Schoonover was the 2007 Sea Gal of the Year, but has since retired her pom poms in favor of a career in real estate. 

    She has had amazing success already, but if you're wondering if she's lost her Sea Gal good looks, she hasn't. Schoonover was recently named one of the hottest brokers in Seattle by, pulling in 70 percent of the total online vote. 

38. Sara Davine, Atlanta Falcons

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    Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Sara Davine is an aspiring sports reporter who is only a little newsworthy in 2011, but that could all change in 2012.

    Davine isn't just shakin' it on the sideline in Atlanta hoping someone will give her a job; she's got her own YouTube channel where she posts video from coverage of local events  like the SEC Championship and does pre and post-game videos, which are posted on the Falcons cheerleaders official website. 

37. Susie, Oakland Raiders

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    In May 2011, Rookie Raiderette Susie received some press for trying out and making the team at age 37. Susie isn't just the wisest Raiderette; she's also a mother of three and grandmother of one. 

    I'll spare you the obvious GILF nonsense. 

36. Kelly Cornwell, Washington Redskins

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    Former Redskins cheerleader Kelly Cornwell made the pages of the Washington Post when she married Washington Capitals player Jeff Halpern.

    Cornwell and her sister, Katie, both cheered in the NFL and once accompanied future U.S. Senator Al Franken on a USO tour of Afghanistan and Iraq. 

35. Patriots Cheerleaders

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    In January 2011, a number of New England Patriots Cheerleaders returned from a two-week long trip overseas to spend the holidays with members of the United States miliary. 

    They visited thousands of soldiers and traveled to Kyrgzstan, Qatar and Afghanistan. Their trip was highlighted by the local media, and each day was chronicled on their official website. 

34. Tiffany Pearl, Miami Dolphins

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    Former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Tiffany Pearl used to model hot fashions on the Dolphins sidelines, but according to an August 2011 feature on lifestyle website, today, she's designing them instead. 

    Pearl got her start in 2008, when the Dolphins organization hired her to design the swimsuits for the 2008 Swimsuit Calendar.

    Within two years, her Miss Fanatic line was taking off at universities nationwide, with 22 stores in 24 schools and plans to expand further.  

33. Jessica Daniels, Buffalo BIlls

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    Former Buffalo Bills Cheerleader Jessica Daniels parlayed her tenure with the Jills into a very successful (bikini) modeling career.

    Since leaving the Jills in 2008, Daniels has been a model Hawaiian Tropic and has competed in various pageants for the brand. 

    Daniels has also appeared on The Price is Right, a commercial for designer Ed Hardy, a 2011 feature in Stare Magazine and she was a finalist in Maxim's 2010 Hometown Hotties Contest. 

32. Science Cheerleaders, Arizona Cardinals

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    The Science Cheerleaders are a group of more than 100 past and present NFL and NBA cheerleaders who are pursuing science-based careers. The Arizona Cardinals have six current members. 

    Their goal is the challenge stereotypes of both cheerleaders and scientists, and the Cardinals cheerleaders have been featured in a number of publications, including local newspapers and the Discovery channel blog. 

31. Kara, San Diego

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    In November 2011, Esquire featured San Diego Chargers Cheerleader Kara as their Monday Morning Cheerleader.

    Kara talked a little football in the magazine and even went to bat for struggling Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, insisting that he hasn't lost his mojo and that his best days are still ahead of him. 

30. Dana, Baltimore Ravens

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    Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Dana is in her second years with the Ravens is and a graduate of Virginia Tech, where she cheered on the Hokies. 

    Like the Cardinals cheerleaders mentioned earlier on the list, Dana is a member of  the Science Cheerleaders, having earned her Bachelors degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. 

    In November 2011, she explained her day job in an interview with

    "The project that I work on develops commercial-off-the-shelf based software and hardware upgrades to assimilate improved tactical control capabilities for various United States and Australian submarine classes." 

    The fact that anyone can do that job is buzzworthy to me! 

29. Ashton Landgraf, Miami Dolphins

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    In 2010, former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Ashton Landgraf was featured in a Maxim magazine piece on the 2010 NFL cheerleaders. 

    Landgraf left the team after the 2010 season, and today, she's finishing her communications degree at Florida Atlantic University. In November 2011, Landgraf spoke before the Boca Raton City Council, asking them to appoint her to a vacancy on the city's community relations board. 

    Naturally, they couldn't say no. 

28. Olivia, San Francisco 49ers

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    Olivia, a rookie with the San Francisco Gold Rush, was one of the top 24 finalists for Season 8 of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, which aired in the summer of 2011. 

    In October 2011, Olivia was featured in Esquire's Monday Morning Cheerleader. She admitted being a bit surprised by the 49ers success this year, but says now it's Super Bowl or bust. 

27. Stacy Keibler, Baltimore Ravens

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    Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler is also a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, and she's always newsworthy, right?

    This year Keibler made her first appearance with the WWE in five years as a guest star on WWE's reality show WWE Tough Enough.

    Although her most high profile appearances in 2011 probably came on the arm of movie star George Clooney, who she's been dating since his breakup with Elisabetta Canalis earlier in the year. 

26. Bianca La Russa, Oakland Raiders

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    Tony La Russa's daughter, Bianca, first made headlines in April 2011, when she announced that she had auditioned for and made the Oakland Raiderettes. Yay!

    La Russa made headlines again in October 2011, when she announced she was no longer a Raiderette, having quit due to an injury. Boo! 

25. Casey, Philadelphia Eagles

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    In July 2011, second-year Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Casey was featured in the 2011 NFL Preview Issue of Lindy's Magazine. 

    Casey has become one of the most recognized faces on the team and will be joining five of her fellow Eagles cheerleaders on a trip to Kuwait in December, 2011. 

24. Beverly Lynne Hubscher, Philadelphia Eagles

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    Beverly Lynne Hubscher was a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader for two seasons and was the cover girl for their 1999-2000 swimsuit calendar.

    After two seasons with the team, Hubscher said goodbye to Philadelphia and headed to Hollywood, where she has been working in soft-core porn ever since.

    In December 2011, Hubscher spoke with Mark Kram of the Philadelphia Daily News about how she became the "Queen of Late Nite."

23. Lindsay Slott, Houston Texans

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    The Internet was set abuzz when Houston Texans cheerleader Lindsay Slott started dating MLB player Hunter Pence in summer 2011.

    Pictures of the couple popped up all over, and their relationship was reported by countless blogs and gossip sites. 

    Well, that's all over now. Who knows when the pair split, but Pence is now dating Playboy Plate Shannon James, and Slott is no longer a Texans cheerleader. 

22. Alexa Flutie, New England Patriots

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    Retired NFL quarterback Doug Flutie's daughter, Alexa, became a New England Patriots cheerleader.

    The nation was Flutieless for too long apparently, because the Internet went crazy over this development.  

21. Phyllis Smith, St. Louis Cardinals

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    In June 2011, Phyllis Smith, who plays Phyllis on The Office, revealed a sexy past in her bio. Before she went into acting, Smith had worked as a school teacher, casting agent, burlesque dancer and an NFL cheerleader. 

    Smith said of her time as a Cardinals cheerleader: 

    "I was at the height of my glory, because I loved dancing and wearing the boots and the hot pants, the tied up shirts, looking really hot. And I was able to dance, I loved football.

    My dad used to have season tickets, so I was flirting with the guys on the sidelines as much as I could. The organizations make sure that the cheerleaders and the players have minimal contact, but that's what you try to do. It was great, in the '70s."

20. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

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    In December 2011, six Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders will head to Kuwait for a seven-day goodwill military tour, the third time in four years the team has traveled to the Middle East to visit US military servicemen and women. 

    The ladies all say they are grateful for the opportunity to travel overseas to boost the morale of soldiers, many of whom are returning from extended tours in Iraq.  

19. Lauren Gardner, Denver Broncos

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    Lauren Gardner is a former Denver Broncos cheerleader and aspiring broadcaster who has been attracting attention both in the Denver and national media. 

    Gardner has worked for the Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies and Colorado Mammoth. 

    In June 2011, in their search for the "next Erin Andrews," BustedCoverage named Gardner a potential candidate. 

18. Michelle and Rachel Lewis, Houston Texans

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    Hot blonde twins and cheerleaders are always guaranteed to attract attention, so it's no surprise that the Houston Texans' hot blonde twin cheerleaders, Michelle and Rachel Lewis, created a lot of buzz their rookie season. 

    The Lewis twins became local media mainstays during the audition process before word got out and they started popping up on dozens of national websites.

    Naturally, the twins made the team and (according to BustedCoverage) became the first Jewish cheerleader twins in NFL history. 

17. Stephanie Rice, Philadelphia Eagles

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    In Summer 2011, Esquire magazine featured Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Stephanie Rice in their Me in My Place series.

    The 19-slide feature includes an intimate interview, a fairly provocative video and a number of exceptionally hot photos of the exceptionally hot Rice. 

16. Kim Coon, Carolina Panthers

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    In January 2011, NASCAR announced that former Carolina Panthers cheerleader Kim Coon would be one of three members of the Miss Sprint Cup team for 2011.

    Currently Coon can be found anywhere on the Internet where people are talkin' NASCAR, including a number of interviews with her featured on 

    Coon was also a cast member of ABC's never-ending crapfest The Bachelor…the season that featured loser Brad Womack who came back for a second chance to fail publicly at a manufactured relationship. 

15. Laura Eilers, St. Louis Rams

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    In June 2011, former St. Louis Rams Cheerleader Laura Eilers was crowned Ms. United States. 

    Eilers, who was also a choreographer for the Kansas City Chiefs, is the creator of Going Pro Entertainment, LLC, which is a networking group for cheerleading and dance professional alumni. 

14. New York Jets Flight Crew

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    The New York Jets Flight Crew has been the subject of far more positive headlines in 2011 than the Jet York Jets themselves. 

    They made an appearance at the 2011 NFL Draft, their swimsuit calendar shoot was turned into a documentary that aired in November and it was reported that the calendar was shot by Daisy Johnson, daughter of team owner Woody. 

13. Kori Lanard, Atlanta Falcons

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    In May 2011, former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Kori Lanard was arrested in Georgia after being linked to a statewide stolen car ring and "chop shop."

    When Lanard and her sister were arrested, they were both found to be driving stolen vehicles. 

    The county sheriff called the case "epic," and the involvement of a former NFL cheerleader always helps attract extra attention. 

12. Nicole Rosenstiel, Oakland Raiders

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    In August 2011, former Raiderette Nicole Rosenstiel, now a police officer, filed a $1.5 million sexual harassment lawsuit against the city of Oakland. 

    Rosenstiel alleges fellow officers at the Vacaville Police Department would frequently make inappropriate comments about her looks and was advised against using the department's gym because she would draw unwelcome attention to her appearance. 

11. Krystle Campbell, Philadelphia Eagles

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    Former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Krystle Campbell once dated Philadelphia Flyer Jeff Carter before moving on to Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard. 

    The pair began dating in early 2010, and within months, there were reports that Campbell was slacking off with her cheerleader duties and angering the rest of the squad.

    Ultimately, she chose her man over her pom poms; the pair were engaged in April 2011, and Campbell didn't return as an Eagles cheerleader for the 2011-12 NFL season. 

10. Sarah Jones, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones has been in the news all year because of continuing legal proceedings against founder Nik Ritchie.

    Jones filed a lawsuit against Ritchie after he posted pictures of her with Bengals kicker Shane Graham and alleged she had sexual affairs with multiple players. 

    Jones was awarded $11 million in damages by a judge in 2010, but Ritchie appealed the decision and the case is ongoing.

    Both Ritchie and Jones have spoken publicly about the allegations through various media outlets, including ABC's 20/20. 

9. Laura Francese, Buffalo Bills

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    In November 2011, Buffalo Bills cheerleader Laura Francese was chosen as the new star for CW23 WNLO (Buffalo, NY).

    They held open auditions to find the new face of the network, and Francese beat out 23 finalists who each produced their own video bio, various blogs and appeared as guests on local TV. 

    Francese will appear in on-air promotions and commercials as well as making public appearances on behalf of the station and guest hosting local programming. 

8. Monique Thompkins, Washington Redskins

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    In late November 2011, Washington Redskins cheerleader Monique Thompkins was crowned Miss District of Columbia 2012. 

    Thompkins will represent the district next June at the Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas, the winner of which will go on to represent the United States in the Miss Universe Pageant later in the year. 

7. Laura Vikmanis, Cincinnati Bengals

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    At age 42, Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Laura Vikmanis is the oldest cheerleader in the NFL.

    Not entirely interesting as a standalone fact, I realize, but it is when coupled with the fact that New Line cinema has picked up the rights to her life story in hopes of making a movie

    Essentially the story is this: Vikamanis, a former dancer, is looking for something new in her life after her husband ditches her and their two teenage daughters...

    She attends a Bengals game with her sister and decides that she is going to try out for the Ben-Gals. Vikmanis works her tail off for a year and tries out for the team at age 39. She doesn't make it, but returns the next year and does! 

    Fun, right?

6. Melissa Adams, San Diego Chargers

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    San Diego Charger girl Melissa Adams tried out for the team five times before finally making it two years ago. Considering Adams lost 85 percent of her hearing at age five, it's an amazing achievement. 

    In October 2011, San Diego's FOX 5 did a report on Adams story, and one of her teammates described her as an inspiration. Adams explained the difficulties of dancing on such a big stage without the benefit of hearing the music.

5. Kelsi Reich, Dallas Cowboys

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    In a game against the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson grabbed a full week's worth of headlines when he celebrated a touchdown by running down the field to give his girlfriend, Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich,  the game ball and a hug. 

    The whole thing seemed a bit odd considering the Bills were getting killed and Nelson's grand gesture didn't include a marriage proposal…but it was definitely entertaining.  

4. Jessi Peralta, Tennessee Titans

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    Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Jessi Peralta is a professional dancer who appeared on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance and performed on the 2011 Country Music Awards.

    Peralta has appeared in a number of other television shows and was the subject of the MTV documentary show The World of Jenks. 

    When she's not cheering on the Titans, Peralta works in radio in Nashville and is in the singing group Danger Love Saint with two fellow cheerleaders, Bri Blaire and Clair Montgomery. 

3. Malori Wampler, Indianapolis Colts

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    In November 2010, former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Malori Wampler was dismissed from the team after the organization received photos of her posing in a bikini…a body paint bikini. 

    In May 2011, Wampler filed a lawsuit against the Colts, which alleges her firing was a discriminatory action. Additional details of the suit can be found summarized on via Sports by Brooks. 

2. Amber Lancaster, Seattle Seahawks

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    Former Sea Gal Amber Lancaster is an actress and current model on The Price is RIght.

    In September 2011, it was reported that Lancaster was named in a discrimination lawsuit against the show brought by former model Lanisha Cole.

    Cole alleges Lancaster got preferential treatment and was allowed to go out on modeling assignments and arrive late to work, while she was not afforded the same benefits. 

1. Melissa Kellerman, Dallas Cowboys

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    Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Kellerman will be forever known as the cheerleader who got flattened by Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and lived to tell the tale.

    Kellerman was a trooper and even made light of the incident on Twitter the following day, which didn't go over well apparently.

    If you've ever seen Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, you may have noticed that the two old broads in charge are hypercritical dictators who have ice water in their veins and they really don't like social media. 

    When Kellerman's Twitter account mysteriously disappeared, CNBC reported that DCC forced her off Twitter and denied media access to her after the incident.

    The organization denied the allegation, and Kellerman's Twitter account eventually reappeared with stricter privacy settings.