Batista Undergoes Successful Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama

Colin Vassallo@wrestlingonlineCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

Batista underwent successful surgery yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama, at the Andrew Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center under the care of Dr. Jeffrey Dugas.

The surgery was required to repair his torn hamstring which he suffered during the last European tour. A long road of rehab starts tomorrow as Batista begins his physical therapy. WWE.COM cooked up a story saying that Batista suffered his injury at SummerSlam against John Cena but it would be physically impossible to wrestle four months with that sort of injury.

The angle of Randy Orton kicking Batista in the head two weeks ago was used as a cover up for Batista missing this past Monday's RAW and WWE.COM continued the angle, saying Batista opted to go for surgery since he's out "with a concussion" anyway.

This injury will keep the former World Heavyweight champion out till Summer of 2009 and will cause him to miss the company's biggest pay-per-view, and biggest pay check, WrestleMania XXV in Houston, Texas.