For Cryin Out Loud, Give them A Chance!!!

Indran Goncalves EdirenkoCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

When I look at the Liverpool squad, on paper, it always surprises me to see same names that are there; and it is usually not a pleasant one. For example, Alvaro Arbeloa.

Is there really not a better right back for us that could take his place. Arbeloa was purchased by Liverpool for around 5 million euros, cheap considering the talent and experience he brings to the squad. But does anyone remember David Raven; probably not.

Raven was a former player for the Liverpool reserve team, captaining the side, touted as the future Liverpool and England right back, and along with David Mannix and Danny Guthrie, they were expected to break the Liverpool squad real soon. That was told approximately 2-3 years ago by football pundits, but presently David Raven is plying his trades at Car lisle Utd, David Mannix is playing for Chester City and Guthrie is playing for the toons.

Why managers are going for foreign imports rather than players that have been playing for the clubs youth team then reserves for almost 5-9 years, players that love the club, passionate for the club and if he stays long enough; eventually becoming a legend for the club?

What they might say is the lack of talent that is coming through the clubs youth system. Yeah right. David Raven won the most improved player award and at the tender age of 22 is being chased by a host of Championship sides, and thrust me, if you have watched him plays you will know he will be playing at a PL side soon.

And also Danny Guthrie is a player with immense future, one of the better player for Newcastle Utd FC this season. Probably Arbeloa is better than Raven, but is he really 5 million euros better than him, I’m sorry, but I don’t think so. Maybe Guthrie could not fight places with Alonso, Gerrard or Masch but with Lucas, is Lucas really better than him? Well, probably its not the time to compare just yet because Lucas is still adjusting to the pace of PL. Right...

Last night I watched Arse-nal vs Astoon Villains and I noticed Astoons best player on the pitch, Steve Sidwell. A former Arsenal promising reserve player, who never got the chance to play for the club he so dearly loved as he was blocked by the likes of Viera’s, Edu’s? and Ray Parlour.

Okay probably Viera, who I still consider as the most complete midfielder in the world; is much more better than him in so many ways, but the how about present players like Song, Diaby or the cash-lover Flamini who left to AC Milan just to have more greens in his pocket? Arsenal rather purchase Gareth Barry or Alonso now rather than actually thinking to keep their own gem.

What the pundits may now say is that Steve Sidwell has improved way too much for the managers to realize then of what he might became. Easier being said that he improved as a player that was never expected by the manager and the manager made a human error. Yeah right.

What I think is that managers are looking the easy way out by purchasing experienced players rather than giving youngsters a chance to play. For example All of the players that came through Arsenal’s youth system and playing for the first team now are foreigners.

Not only Arse-nal are like that, Liverpool,  Chelshi* and Manoo are the same. Players like Pacheco, Nacer Barazite, Petrucci, Stoichkov?, Nemeth, Duran, Santo, Rajkovic are all foreign players that was already ready to play for the first team of their respective clubs and some were already playing for their club until they were snapped up by the ‘bigger clubs’.

A reserve player(playing for the “bigger club”), now to play for the club he loves, has to be immensely, outstandingly, greatly and wonderfully talented like Manoo’s Welbeck. I mean really, if the reserve player is NOT THAT talented, outstanding, great and wonderful like our own Raven managers would rather purchase a foreigner who is only moderate rather than giving players like Raven a chance.  

It is a pity that players like Raven, Andy Cole (yes, he is from Arse-nal youth team) and Steve Sidwell never got to play for the club that they love even though they are extremely talented players.

Well all I can say that I wish good luck to the likes of Jay Spearing, Martin Kelly, Stephen Darby, Welbeck ,JJ Simpson, Wilshire, Gibbs and a few more who is battling their way to play for the club they so dearly love.