Where Is The Respect for the Tennessee Titans?

Andy SalmonContributor IDecember 27, 2008

Week in and week out I hear people (primarily the media) predicting the big bust. When the Tennessee Titans wins, excuses pour out of their mouths as to why the other team loses with no mention as to why the Titans win. The Titans continue to win in spite of this.

What do they have to do? If they do make it to the Super Bowl (facing the beloved Giants) and beat them by three touchdowns, it would probably still not be enough ("Eli was suffering from post par tum depression Bill, otherwise the Giants would have won").

All I am saying is give this team the respect they deserve. They have beaten 4 of the projected playoff teams and have earned home field advantage in the playoffs. The Steelers were predicted to beat Tennessee and were soundly beat.

This week, most are predicting the Colts to win even though Dungy has already said he would rest many of his players. The bottom line is that it is all a matter of opinion (and in the case of the Titans, disregard). Respect is not important in this era (and the Titans were guilty of disrespect with the towel incident, I am aware) and I just wonder where it went.

My favorite teams have been beaten regularly (Braves, Vols, and Titans) and as much as I hated the opposing team, I owned up that they were the better team (at least on that day). I am a regular watcher of ESPN and all I ask for is objective commentary without bias. I would like to think that is what they are being paid for. An agenda does'nt help a team win but alienates loyal viewers.

I hope Tennessee finishes up their season in the Super Bowl and gets these doubters to re-evaluate their commentary.