Tired of the Negativity: Newcastle United to Have Last Laugh

Eddy ShearyadiCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2008

As a Newcastle fan, I’m tired to read all the negative thoughts and reports about how bad my team is. It is not helping us at all, we all know for sure that we have the worst time in our Premierships history. But, that will make us more UNITED, because we’re the most UNITED TEAM in the land, accept that!

Sir Bobby Robson have good opinion on Special K second return, and I’m sure that he will also not agree to what so called the “England legend” Jimmy Greaves negative thoughts about Keegan. Greaves branded Kevin Keegan’s return to management as ‘disaster’ and said that Keegan is living in the past.

I then have a good laugh at his opinion about Sam Allardyce’s cutting edge football. Howay Jimmy, why on earth you said some boring football from Allardyce has to be branded as a cutting edge.

Okay, you said that Newcastle didn’t give enough time for him, true, and I also thought the same way. But, after what he has said about being bigger than Newcastle United, I have lost all the respect that I have for him.

“All I want now is for Kevin to be successful again at Newcastle because the club desperately need a lift.” Sir Bobby said more, “I will continue to support them from the stands because it is my club. Always has been, and always will.”

Keegan also admit today on the official site that he will first ensure Newcastle United’s Premier League safety before casting his eye to the summer and a list of potential transfer targets, and start his real job to shape the real Newcastle United team.

“First we have to get the players to ensure our safety, because we’re not safe yet. We need a win. That’s all we lack at the moment,” he told Newcastle World TV “The confidence will come flowing back and the football will get better and the players will start to trust each other that little bit more.”