5 Records We Can Expect Cam Newton to Break over the Rest of His Career

Jacqueline KirbyContributor IIIDecember 7, 2011

5 Records We Can Expect Cam Newton to Break over the Rest of His Career

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    Cam Newton has far exceeded the expectations anyone could put on a rookie, not to mention the most hyped rookie in ages. Newton has changed the face of the Carolina Panthers and definitely proved that he is a franchise quarterback.  

    This past Sunday, Newton broke the record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback, which was previously set at 12 by Steve Grogan. In his first 12 NFL games, Newton has scored 13 rushing touchdowns.  

    After the touchdown, Newton ran over to a little girl named Katie in the stands, who had a "Mrs. Newton" shirt on, and gave her the ball. Quickly after that, the Panthers equipment staff ran over and handed her two hats and exchanged the balls, as that one will have to be saved.  

    But let's take a look at what other records we can expect Cam to break over his promising career. 

Most Consecutive Games Scoring Touchdowns

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    The current record for most consecutive games scoring a touchdown is tied at 18 between Lenny Moore and LaDanian Tomlinson.  

    This season, he had a four-game streak and is now on a three-game touchdown-scoring streak. It should be an easy task for a rushing QB. 

Most Touchdowns, Rookie, Season

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    So, he already has 13 this season, three of which were from last Sunday's game against Tampa Bay. The Panthers still have four more games, including one at home against the Bucs.  Rushing five more touchdowns in the next four games shouldn't be too difficult for Newton. 

Most Passes Completed, Game

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    Drew Bledsoe holds the record for most passes completed in a game, 45, during his 1994 season with New England.  

    This season, Cam's highest is 28, but if he stops running the ball himself and utilizes his tight ends and wide receivers, 45 would not be a far reach for Superman. 

Highest Passer Rating, Season

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    In 2004, Peyton Manning broke the record for highest passer rating, beating Steve Young's 112.8, when he had a QBR of 121.1.  Tom Brady has come the closest to breaking Manning's record with 117.2 in 2007.

    While Newton's rating this year is only 82.4, he's a rookie with plenty of time to improve, once again, as long as he passes the ball. 

Most Yards Rushing Per Attempt, Season (minimum 50 Attempts)

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    People say that Cam Newton's running style is based off his long-time hero Michael Vick, who coincidentally holds this current record.  Vick's record is 8.45, 1,049 yards on 123 attempts in his 2006 season. 

    As much as Newton runs the ball each game, he should be able to beat this quickly.