WWE: The 15 Most Awesome Unlicensed Wrestling T-Shirts

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IDecember 7, 2011

WWE: The 15 Most Awesome Unlicensed Wrestling T-Shirts

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    T-shirts are a common gift for wrestling fans around the holidays. If you don't want to pay for the shipping from WWEShop or if you are through with buying things that say Broski on it, there are other avenues to have a wrestling shirt.

    There are multiple websites with shirts that make fun of the wrestling business. From spoofs of superstars' T-shirts to random mentions to old storylines, there are plenty of pretty cool shirts to go out and wear. Here are 15 great ones that you can own right now if you look throughout the Internet.

Twin Towers

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    I remember seeing this shirt for the first time in person about a year ago. One person walked past me wearing it and I thought it was the funniest thing.

    For those who don't understand the joke, the two men pictured are Big Boss Man and Akeem the African Dream. Akeem was formerly known as the One Man Gang, but is notoriously known for his stint as Akeem. Together, these two formed a tag team known as the Twin Towers.

    Keep in mind that this was in the 1990s and was far earlier than the heinous attacks of September 11, 2001. Regardless, it is a tongue-in-cheek way to combine the constant Never Forget merchandise and an old school wrestling tag team. Actually, it seems to help me personally, as I can look at it and smile, melting away the pain from that terrible day.

Blew Up Vince

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    I found this shirt on a site known as Cafepress, where many different types of sayings are able to be printed onto nearly anything. The phrase references the now-infamous angle of Vince McMahon exploding in a limousine, writing him off television.

    The angle was supposed to include an investigation into who murdered Mr. McMahon. However, a short time would pass by and Chris Benoit truly did pass away, all but ending the angle entirely. Instead, after McMahon was forced to break storyline to make statements about the Benoit ordeal, the tragedy was apparently staged as it was believed that McMahon faked his own death.

    In reality, fans still wonder years later about who would have been the person responsible for killing McMahon had the storyline continued without a hitch. The best part about this design: I originally found it on a maternity shirt.

I Am a Paul Heyman Guy

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    By now, fans know all about CM Punk's epic tirade earlier this year. During the summer, Punk expressed his lack of faith in the company, as well as dropped names of certain men no longer associated with WWE. One of them was Paul Heyman.

    In the heat of the shoot promo, Punk stated that Heyman saw something special in him at the beginning of his WWE tenure. What followed was the sentence, "Yeah, that's right. I'm a Paul Heyman guy." Immediately after, shirts appeared following the tirade.

The Weatherman

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    For the life of me, I can't seem to find where I dug this one up from, but there is wrestling all over this thing. The nicknames written on the side of the design look like Chris Jericho and John Morrison brainstorming.

    The look is similar to that of The Grand Wizard of Wrestling. At the very end, it states that he is The Weatherman. The humor seems to fade on this design, but there is just something about it that is unwavering for me. Perhaps Jericho would consider this look when he returns to WWE.

"I'm with Duggan"

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    How can you not love "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan? This design is featured on Cafepress, but is brought to us from the people of The FTW Podcast. The design is simple, yet not boring. It has an old school flavor to the wear worked into the shirt. The signature thumb from Duggan is in the middle of the circle. All in all, it does exactly what you would want from a shirt promoting a following of a Hall of Fame superstar.

"The Champ Is Here"

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    This shirt is pretty explanatory. John Cena parades around, especially when he is a world champion, about how The Champ is Here. Well, not only is he not a champion anymore, but it honestly does make for some funny moments. with or without the back, they can send you more or less, which is what they are doing now.

"I Love Colt" Shirt

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    Produced by Colt Cabana himself and worn famously by CM Punk on an episode of RAW, This shirt is very cool. Showing off Cabana's Jewish faith, it is a typical "I Love ..." style shirt. Instead of a heart, it is a Star of David. There's not much back story to understand about this shirt, other than the fact that Cabana designed it himself and, in a major promotion like WWE, the design would never work. They wouldn't get anywhere near a Star of David blatantly on a shirt, so this is an indy original.

"Five Moves of Doom"

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    It's hard to not laugh at this one. It is a blatant rib at John Cena. Cena is hardly the only person who suffers from using their Five Moves of Doom, but Cena is one of the big offenders. The color scheme resembles his current shirt colors. This comes from the great people at BarberShop Window, who are named after the classic segment hosted by Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. They have multiple designs on this list, so feel free to check them out.

"I Broke Wahoo's Leg"

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    This shirt is funny if you know the story behind it. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine is a great wrestler from the 1970s and 1980s. In 1977, Valentine was feuding with Chief Wahoo McDaniel for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. Valentine used a Figure Four Leglock as a finisher, but couldn't get the finisher around the big legs of Wahoo. Instead, Valentine used a Leg/Ankle Suplex to defeat Wahoo for the belt on June 11, 1977. Wahoo broke his leg in the process, prompting the heel Valentine to wear a shirt like this around. Less than two months later, Wahoo returned and took his title back. Still, this was one of the first real signs of using an original t-shirt to gain heat.

    CM Punk also used the inspiration during his feud with Big Show, wearing a "I Broke Big Show's Hand" shirt for a few weeks.

"You Are a Ring Rat"

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    These types of shirts are all over the place if you find them. Any wrestling term has pretty much been given a t-shirt. This one talks about a ring rat, which is a term for a person, usually used for females, who stay around a wrestling promotion and attempt to sleep with wrestlers or crew members. Essentially, it is a wrestling term for a groupie.

Virgil "FML" Shirt

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    One of my favorite designs is this one from BarberShop Window. It's hard to not feel bad for Virgil. Stuck alongside of Ted DiBiase, he never amounted to much except for when he broke away. Even then, he has a reign as Million Dollar Champion, but that is an unsanctioned title. Virgil would also get the verbal abuse from Bobby Heenan. Years later, DiBiase's son would bring Virgil back for a short time in the same aspect. Poor Virgil.

"Keep Hating Cena"

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    Weeks ago, I imagined a design like this. Now, it has come true. "Keep Hating Cena" is a rib on the "Rise Above Hate" shirts Cena currently wears. There is a lot of negative attention to Cena, but it is the sign of the times. Surely, shirts like this could have been made for the likes of Hulk Hogan back in the day. Wrestling fans are smarter today and don't like Cena very often. They let that sentiment be known, even on t-shirts.

"WWF Panda" Shirt

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    There are a few designs like this, but all come from the same joke. In 2001, The World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, sued the WWF that we all knew, the World Wrestling Federation, for naming rights. Apparently, they were tired of having confusion with their website domains. The wrestling federation had wwf.com, while the wildlife fund had wwf.org. Fans of either would get confused and go to the wrong WWF website. WWF felt like they were losing out on donations, so they sued and won. That is a big reason for why WWF became WWE. The spoof on this shirt has the WWF logo, a panda, invading the World Wrestling Federation.

Sheamus "Too Many Limes" Shirt

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    It has been a common joke by wrestling fans. Some are still unsure on what exactly is in Sheamus' theme. The most famous flubbed in "Written in My Face" is the line prior to the chorus, which says "Too many lies, too many lies". That has been construed by many to jokingly be "Too many limes", hence the shirt. Nice hair, fella.

The Rock

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    This one is just plain hilarious. It became popular after a version of it was shown by John Cena himself on an episode of RAW. It is just really interesting that The Rock has his "I Bring It" shirt, but never seems to literally bring himself to episodes of RAW. The joke is too funny to pass up on.