As a Fan, There is No Better Franchise to Spend Your Money With Than the Yankees

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2008

I have been to many, many sporting events, I have bought $500 tickets, eight dollar beers, six dollar hot dogs, and four dollar bottles of water.  I have been monetarily drained by the sports industry as much as any other middle-income american. 

However, the one team that it has never bothered me spending my money on is the New York Yankees. Why? Because I know that they, more than any other team in American sports, are going to put my money back into the product on the field.

They better too, because the last game I went to the Stadium, I payed 86 dollars for a seat worse than the 27 dollar ticket I bought to see the Royals the same year but the Royals are not putting all of my money back into their team and the Yankees will.  They will put every last dollar I give them and a few of their own to make sure they win it all. 

Do they always make the right decisions with my money? No, but they are always willing to use it and take a risk on the next big bat and Finally, the big young arm to try to make sure they win it all again. Besides, being right 26 times is enough for me to trust them to spend my money wisely.

The Yankees were not always on the richest, when they started they played third fiddle in their own city to two very historical teams.  They were seen as the blue collar team and were no where near the toast of the town but from the get go the team was willing to win at all cost even if it meant spending money they did not have.

Almost every owner has continued that tradition and George got them into a position where it is very unlikely they will never have enough money again.  So, while it may cost me two to three times more to see the Yankees, I will gladly pay their prices time and time again because I know they will use every last cent I give them if need be to win.