Brian Burke Has Business to Take Care Of

Brent BellCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2008

Since entering Leaf nation, Brian Burke has not made any moves. You could almost say it's some sort of Christmas gift to the team, because Burkey will not be afraid to make a move after the new year.

Burke has said that he wants his first two forward lines to be able to put some in the net. He also wants his third and fourth lines to be scrappy, to get the job done, and to get momentum going for that crazy crowd at the ACC.

My prediction is that Burke is not going to totally clean house as people think he will. He will take his time with this team, and not everyone on the team will be booted off. I think that Burke will keep about 12 of the players he has now.

Here is my prediction of the players that will stick around out of the Dec. 26 game vs. the New York Islanders: Jeremy Williams, Dominic Moore, Luke Schenn, Mikhail Grabvoski, Nikolai Kulemin, Niklas Hagman, Jonas Frogren, Jeff Finger (only because of the stupid contract Cliff Fletcher gave him, which at the time gave the Leaf fans "the finger"), Mike Van Ryn, Matt Stajan, Lee Stempniak, and Jamie Sifers.

Although he has only started in one NHL game, I believe Justin Pogge will start in net next year for the big club, as I think Burke will trade Vesa Toskala for picks and Cujo will retire. You might not agree with my predictions, but I think we can all agree on one thing: The Maple Leafs will be a much better team in the years to come.