College Basketball: 10 Teams Who Will Be Ranked by Season's End

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2011

College Basketball: 10 Teams Who Will Be Ranked by Season's End

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    College basketball has just begun, and with the hilarity of the BCS nightmare right now, let us all take a deep sigh of relief that we have a great system in college hoops!

    With the basketball season preparing to jump into conference play, things are already going haywire in the rankings. Teams are developing chemistry, and great basketball is being played.

    Here are 10 squads that will be ranked at season's end. 


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    Vandy dropped out of the rankings after losing two overtime games to ranked teams.  With the close losses they have got to be disgruntled, but more than likely this team is going to get it back together.

    With their tremendous home court advantage and talented team, Vandy should be up in the rankings by the end of the season.

    Led by John Jenkins, averaging 21.2 points per game this season, Vanderbilt could make some noise in a power-filled SEC this season.  


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    Iona is a team that will be the premier mid-major in the tournament this season. 

    After losing its opener against a tough Purdue squad, Iona has continued to impress, leading the nation in both points per game—averaging 92—as well as assists per game—averaging 22.

    This team plays as a single unit, allowing it to succeed. They are fast and like to run.

    This squad will make some noise in the tournament, and might not lose again in the regular season. 


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    The Huskies are an experienced team that has what it takes to be ranked at the end of the season, given they have a lot of success in what is a weak conference this season.

    Terrence Ross is averaging 16 points per game and has what it takes to lead this team to the NCAA tournament and the Sweet 16.

    With all of the young talent on this squad, it's hard to see them not doing well in the overall weak Pac-12 this season. 


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    Since defeating the No. 1 team in the nation, UNLV has been on a skid. Its latest lost to the Shockers dropped the team out of the polls, but this team will rebuild.

    The combination of a moderate schedule coming up, as well as a strong foundation, should allow this team to find success this season.

    Now they have been knocked down by a loss, look for this team to thrive. 

Miami (FL)

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    This squad can really run up and down the court and has a lot of talent to showcase, but it currently lacks chemistry.

    After two losses this season, they will surely get it back together and find their way to the rankings before the end of the season. 

    After so much turmoil with the program off the court, Miami will be surprised by their success on the hardwood.

    Led by Malcom Grant, averaging 17.1 points per game, look for them to defeat Memphis in their next matchup.


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    Stanford is playing in the weak Pac-12 and has a great shot at finishing the season strong. Once again, the Pac-12 just can't seem to get the talent in basketball this season, but all that will surely change.

    Stanford has only one loss this season, a close one to Syracuse. Look for this squad to be in the top 25 this season. 

Michigan State

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    Okay, this one is really a no-brainer. Michigan State lost its first two games of the season to North Carolina and Duke—two top-10 teams. Where is the respect?

    This Michigan State team has what it takes to make a serious run into tournament.

    Playing a tough schedule doesn't reward you this early in the season, but when it comes tournament time, look for this Izzo squad to be ready to rock. 

    Senior Draymond Green is going to have a final season like no other, already averaging a double-double per game.

    Don't overlook this team. 


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    Arizona's next two weeks are really going to foreshadow the rest of the season. They play two ranked teams coming up, and it's vital for them to be successful in these.

    Arizona is one of those teams that is either hot or cold, and at the moment? Cold. 

    They need to start shooting better, but overall if they can get back to the basics, they will likely be a contender for the Pac-12 and a sweet 16 appearance. 


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    Arkansas is going to be a powerhouse this season in an already loaded SEC. The SEC might be the toughest conference in the nation this season from top to bottom; look for them to prove that.

    They should end up ranked in the top 25 due to the leadership of Marshawn Powell. Powell is averaging 20 points per game while only playing 20 minutes per game.

    This kid is a stud and will really lead to the Razorbacks success this season. 


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    With the picture of Robbie Hummel on the front of this article, surely you could have guessed that Purdue was coming next. After a heartbreaking loss to Xavier in which they blew a huge second-half lead, the Boilermakers are likely to be very motivated.

    After two losses to ranked teams this season, Purdue will be a team to be reckoned with in the Big Ten.

    With Hummel's senior leadership, look for this squad to excel and really start developing great chemistry throughout the season.