02.01.12: The Option That Has Been Overlooked

Aron NaylorContributor IIDecember 6, 2011

The mysterious 02.01.12 promotional video made it's debut on our television sets, and immediately people began speculating as to who the person behind the video would be. I have seen many articles and threads online that speculate that Y2J Chris Jericho is the man behind the video, while others have strayed towards the deadman, but the more plausible and likely option has been massively over looked. 

Let's go back to may 2011, when Kia Stevens (Kharma) made her debut on the WWE, she had a very strange and let's face it crazy persona that she was portraying before she was immediately wrote off TV due to pregnancy. Although she was given a years maternity leave, which would mean her return to be May 2012, it is not uncommon for employees to return to work before the allotted time has expired. 

Now let's evaluate the latest video that was shown on Monday night raw, it started with a short "tip off" video starring Natayla and Beth Phoenix as the Divas of Doom, then it immediately cut and went to the mysterious 02.01.12 video starring a young boy and girl uttering it will be the end as we know it. Once the 02.01.12 video had finished, it closed with the final part of the Divas of Doom promo video and then went on to a Divas match.

So to summarize we have someone who is going to return in January and change the face of the earth, possibly the damaged divas division? And we have someone who will bring an end to the world as we know it, which does coincide with the Divas of doom theme. 

Let me know what you think.