Bob Gainey: Montreal Canadiens Fans Wait for His Next Move

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst IDecember 26, 2008

As the March 3rd, 2009 deadline approaches, Montreal Canadiens fans are wondering what General Manager Bob Gainey will do this season.

I'm curious about your opinion. Will Gainey sacrifice one of his veterans, or his younger talents? Or will Halak be part of a package deal in a trade?

One thing is for sure: Gainey is unpredictable. Last time around, we all thought that Ryder was leaving the Habs, but Gainey surprised us all by trading Huet instead.

Is he planning another shocking announcement? With him, anything's possible!

My prediction is that he'll trade Halak and another player in a deal, one that could include a draft choice for the Habs. Personally, I don't see the veterans going anywhere.

Please feel free to share your opinions, as well as who you think will be get traded before or on the trade deadline day.