WWE: John Cena; the Divided Line and Where He Will Land

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WWE: John Cena; the Divided Line and Where He Will Land

Man is a being with free will; therefore, each man is potentially good or evil, and it's up to him and only him (through his reasoning mind) to decide which he wants to be.—Ayn Rand

In WWE, there are the good guys and the bad guys. We label them the faces and the heels. Each superstar in the typical professional scheme must choose a side. Are you someone meant to be booed or cheered?

At times, it is not up to the superstar or even the company. The audience and fans surrounding the business make the decision. When a heel becomes great at his role, he sways the audience with his ability and talent and they begin to cheer him.

Conversely, when the fans believe a face is becoming stale, they boo him. When this trend manifests itself in the WWE, it transcends the ideas and direction of the company. This, almost always, leads to that superstar changing his side on that finely-laid line.

This is a simple process that should be unbreakable when working with a star to turn his reactions around. However, there are those rare few who simply make this system fail. They are those stars that need to be in their roles to help the business. They are the ones who get boos and cheers aplenty.

Rarely do stars like this come around. In WWE today, in fact, only one star has become so important to the business that he simply cannot be changed so easily. That man is John Cena.

Cena has moved more merchandise and sold more pay-per-views for WWE then almost any other star in the history of the company. He has held the entire business on his back for years. He has been the WWE for years now and remains so.

However, lately, there has been a wave of hate and emotion surfacing against Cena. With The Rock popping up and Punk surging to fame, Cena has seen his infamy in the business rise astronomically as of late.

He is booed out of his hometown. He has been given more heat in Madison Square Garden and the Allstate Arena in Illinois than any heels could ever dream of. Yet his sales hold constant. He is still the face of WWE, and he is in line for the biggest match of his career at this year's WrestleMania.

How can a star that sells this well be turned heel? How can a guy this big be replaced if he turns bad?

These are the questions that WWE is wrestling with at this very moment as they debate whether to turn him or try and sway the WWE universe toward him as a face. No one has any idea what WWE has decided yet (maybe not even WWE itself), but they have begun to work toward a solution.

Where does that solution lead? Where should it lead? Well, I propose looking back. Back all the way to the beginning of Cena's career to find the answer.

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